Where is Ukunda located in Mombasa?

Where is Ukunda located in Mombasa?

Kwale County
Location. It is located in Kwale County, Coast Province, adjacent and to the immediate west of Diani Beach, along the Indian Ocean, close to the International border with the Republic of Tanzania. It is located approximately 32 kilometres (20 mi), by road, south of the port city of Mombasa, the nearest large urban area …

Is there a road from Mombasa to Diani?

The distance between Mombasa Road and Diani Beach is 449 km. The road distance is 529 km. Yes, the driving distance between Mombasa Road to Diani Beach is 529 km.

Is Diani the best beach in the world?

Not only is Diani Beach one of Africa’s best beaches, but we would even go one step further and claim it’s one of the top beach destinations in the world! Voted as one of the top beaches in Africa by CNN, Diani Beach offers an expansive 20km of powder white sand which meets the Indian Ocean on Kenya’s south coastline.

Is Ukunda the same as Diani?

Ukunda Airstrip is set to be renamed Diani National Airport as the government intensifies efforts to expand it to attract bigger airlines and more visitors to the South Coast of Kenya.. Unlike the little known Ukunda, Diani is known in global tourism circles for its white sand beaches.

In which constituency is Ukunda?

Msambweni Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of four constituencies in Kwale County. The constituency has ten wards, all electing councillors for the Kwale County Council….Locations and wards.

Location Population*
Diani 60,565
Dzombo 36,118
Kikoneni 17,571
Kingwende/Shirazi 10,656

How much is the ferry from Mombasa to Diani?

The affordable way to get from Mombasa to Diani beach by ferry which takes only 80 minutes. Ferry from Mombasa to Diani beach price only $7.

Is Samburu Kwale road tarmacked?

Currently, the 53km Kinango-Samburu road is complete, while the 23km Kinango-Kwale highway is yet to be tarmacked.

Are there sharks off coast of Kenya?

There’s no real danger from shark attack on Kenyan beaches due to the reef. Quite safe, nothing to worry about.

Why is Diani Beach famous?

Diani Beach is a beach resort in Kenya, located 30 km (19 mi) south of Mombasa. Diani has a population of around 100,000 inhabitants and is famous for its white sand beaches, blue ocean and surfing. The beach is popular for relaxing resorts which are popular with honeymooners, backpackers and families on holiday.

Is there quicksand in Kenya?

Galu beach, Kenya. It is dangerous to walk during the low tide up to 100 meters away from beach, as areas with quicksan.