Where is the navigation task pane in Word?

Where is the navigation task pane in Word?

To go to a page or a heading in a Word document without scrolling, use the Navigation pane. To open the Navigation pane, press Ctrl+F, or click View > Navigation Pane.

What are the three tabs on the Word 2013 navigation pane?

Description of the Navigation Pane

  • Headings tab.
  • Pages tab.
  • Results tab.

How do I change the navigation pane in Word?

Check the Navigation Pane option in the Show group (OR press Ctrl+F). The Navigation pane opens on the left. Click Headings to display the headings hierarchically.

What is a navigation pane in Word?

The Navigation Pane is a handy feature in Word 2013 which can be used in three different. ways; To view all of your document’s headings and pages in a clear, top-to-bottom format. To restructure chunks of content just by dragging the headings. To easily locate all instances of specified text.

What is the function of navigation pane?

This handy pane lets you quickly navigate documents by clicking on a heading in the outline to move to that heading or by clicking on a page thumbnail to move to that page. The Navigation pane is ideal to use particularly when you are working with long documents.

Where is navigation pane in Windows?

The Navigation Pane appears on the left side of the Outlook window and is how you switch between the different areas of Outlook, such as Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes. In addition, when you’re working within a view, the Navigation Pane displays the folders within that view.

How do I show the Navigation pane?

file-explorer-nav-pane-two-views. Right-click any empty space in the navigation pane and click Show All Folders to see this option. (It’s a toggle, so if you don’t like the effect, just click Show All Folders again to remove the checkmark and restore the default navigation pane.)

What is Navigation pane Show all folders?

The Navigation pane is a special area on the left side of File Explorer which shows folders and system places like This PC, Network, Libraries and so on.