Where is the library in Chief Architect?

Where is the library in Chief Architect?

Once you have signed in, mouse over the Chief Architect tab at the top and select Catalog Downloads to access the 3D Library webpage. You can also get to the 3D Library webpage from within the software by clicking Library> Get Additional Content Online.

How do I change tile pattern in Chief Architect?

Select 3D> Materials> Plan Materials ….To rotate a material

  1. Provide a short, descriptive Material Name.
  2. Specify the desired Angle for the pattern.
  3. Check the Keep Pattern/Texture in Sync box (if applicable) if you want to maintain consistent Scale and Offset and Angle settings for the material’s pattern and texture.

How do I view Chief Architect files?

To view on phones or tablets, download our free 3D Viewer app — available for both Apple and Android devices. To embed on your website 1) export the 3D Viewer model to your Chief Architect cloud account 2) from your cloud account use the embed button and copy the code to your website.

How do you put a toilet in chief architect?

Select View> Library Browser , and browse to Chief Architect Core Catalogs> Architectural> Fixtures> Toilets, and select the Standard Toilet symbol. Click in the drawing area to place the selected toilet at that location.

How do you change the floor material in chief architect?


  1. From the menu, select Edit> Default Settings .
  2. Expand the Floors and Rooms category, select the Floor/Ceiling Platform option if you want to adjust floor and ceiling finishes for all floors in a plan, or expand the Floor Levels subcategory, and select the floor of your choosing.

How do you navigate chief architect?

To navigate using a mouse, use the scroll wheel to pan and zoom, and click and drag to rotate around the model. Standard trackpad gestures can be used to zoom in and out as well as pan and rotate around the model.

How do I export in chief architect?

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  1. Open a 3D model in Chief Architect.
  2. Select File → Export → Export 3D Model (3DS)
  3. Uncheck Truncate Texture Names and select Export.
  4. Create a new folder with the name of your project.
  5. Open the folder, name the project and save the model. (
  6. Navigate to the new folder and compress it into a .

How do I import furniture into chief architect?

To import a symbol into Chief Architect

  1. Launch your Chief Architect software and Open the plan in which you would like to import this symbol.
  2. Select File> Import> Import 3D Symbol to display the Import 3D Symbol File dialog.
  3. The imported object will be selected and ready to be placed in the plan.

How do you add objects in chief architect?

Tap and hold an item in the Core or Bonus Catalogs to add it to the collection of your choosing. Tap the Add button on the My Collections panel to create a new Collection; tap and hold a Collection to rename or delete it. By default, the Library is pinned open so you can continue placing objects into the drawing.