Where is the Hamilton neighborhood Baltimore?

Where is the Hamilton neighborhood Baltimore?

Hamilton Hills is a mixed-use suburban neighborhood located in the northeastern corner of Baltimore City, Maryland. Hamilton Hills represents a section of Hamilton, a larger historic area that includes other neighborhoods in Northeast Baltimore.

What areas should I avoid in Baltimore?

The most dangerous areas in Baltimore is based on data from the local law enforcement agency and when not available, also includes estimates based on demographic data.

  • Hopkins-Middle East. Population 7,746.
  • West Baltimore.
  • Cherry Hill.
  • Berea Area.
  • Highlandtown.
  • Fairfield Area.
  • Greenmount East.
  • Brooklyn-Curtis Bay.

What is the best area of Baltimore to live in?

Niche ranks Ellicott City as the #1 best place to live in the Baltimore area in 2021, giving it maximum ratings for both its public schools and family appeal.

What’s the coolest neighborhood in Baltimore?

Hampden. Hampden lies in North Baltimore and is the heart of the yuppie, hipster crowd of the city. This area is very artsy with specialty shops, pubs, and bars, including the wine variety, for those who love to hang out all night.

How many neighborhoods are in Baltimore?

Baltimore City includes more than 250 diverse neighborhoods! Use the tool below to explore by neighborhood name or geography.

Is inner harbor safe?

Whether you’re navigating Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Fells Point, or anywhere else in the city, there’s always a risk of being pickpocketed, so don’t travel with valuables on you, stay very aware of your surroundings, walk in groups in well-lit, non-desolate areas, be skeptical if strangers seem like they’re trying to …

What is the richest area in Baltimore?

Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Baltimore, MD

  • Federal Hill. Population 6,232. 22 %
  • Riverside. Population 9,001.
  • Fells Point. Population 10,898.
  • Roland Parl-Homewood-Guilford. Population 16,535.
  • Locust Point. Population 1,917.
  • Canton. Population 12,040.
  • Chinquapin Park-Belvedere. Population 24,827.
  • Cheswolde Area. Population 12,433.

Is Canton Baltimore a safe area?

It’s located between Patterson Park to the north and the Korean War Memorial Park to the south. Generally speaking, Canton is about as safe as Baltimore gets but you should still be wary. Crimes do happen and if you’re a member of the Canton Neighbors facebook group you hear all about it.

Where is the best place to live in Maryland?

5 Best Places to Live in Maryland

  1. Baltimore. Population: 593,490. Median 2-Bedroom Apartment Rent: $1,689.
  2. Columbia. Population: 99,615. Median 2-Bedroom Apartment Rent: $1,940.
  3. Germantown. Population: 86,395. Median 2-Bedroom Apartment Rent: $2,000.
  4. Silver Spring. Population: 71,452.
  5. Waldorf. Population: 67,752.