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Where is the Flocculus?

Where is the Flocculus?

the cerebellum
The flocculus (Latin: tuft of wool, diminutive) is a small lobe of the cerebellum at the posterior border of the middle cerebellar peduncle anterior to the biventer lobule. Like other parts of the cerebellum, the flocculus is involved in motor control.

Where is the vermis located?

The cerebellar vermis (from Latin vermis, “worm”) is located in the medial, cortico-nuclear zone of the cerebellum, which is in the posterior fossa of the cranium. The primary fissure in the vermis curves ventrolaterally to the superior surface of the cerebellum, dividing it into anterior and posterior lobes.

What does flocculus mean?

Definition of flocculus 1 : a small loosely aggregated mass. 2 : a bright or dark patch on the sun.

What is Spinocerebellum?

medial region of the cerebellum. The spinocerebellum receives somatosensory input from the spinal cord; it uses this information to modify descending motor commands to facilitate movement, maintain balance, and control posture.

What is Archicerebellum syndrome?

Coordination and Ataxia Lesions of the flocculonodular lobe and adjoining parts of the caudal vermis (so‚Äźcalled archicerebellar or flocculonodular syndrome) mainly due to tumors or hemorrhage cause postural ataxia of head and trunk during sitting, standing, and walking. Patients frequently fall while sitting.

What does vermis mean?

Definition of vermis : the constricted median lobe of the cerebellum that connects the two lateral lobes.

What is the vermis?

midline of the cerebellum; it separates the cerebellum into two cerebellar hemispheres. The vermis is thought to be associated with the ability to maintain upright posture.

What are the flocculus and paraflocculus?

The flocculus (FL) and paraflocculus (PFL) are small cerebellar lobes, in humans located in the cerebellopontine angle, that are known to have a strong relation with the vestibular system.

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Is the (para) flocculus part of the tinnitus-mechanism?

If the (para)flocculus indeed comprises an auditory function and is part of a tinnitus-mechanism, this would potentially open up new treatment options that involve direct intervention at the (para)flocculus. 1. Introduction The cerebellum has historically been considered to be involved in motor control and motor learning.

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