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Where is the city of Armageddon?

Where is the city of Armageddon?

DENVER—Looming over a strategic spot on Israel’s northern coastal plain, the ancient city of Megiddo was often a battleground, befitting its biblical name Armageddon. But in two Bronze Age tombs, archaeologists are finding signs that, nearly 3500 years ago, Megiddo was also a surprisingly cosmopolitan place.

Where is Megiddo located today?

northern Israel
Megiddo, modern Tel Megiddo, important town of ancient Palestine, overlooking the Plain of Esdraelon (Valley of Jezreel). It lies about 18 miles (29 km) southeast of Haifa in northern Israel.

What is Megiddo called today?

Megiddo was important in the ancient world. It guarded the western branch of a narrow pass on the most important trade route of the ancient Fertile Crescent, linking Egypt with Mesopotamia and Asia Minor and known today as Via Maris.

What is Armageddon Jehovah’s Witnesses?

SCORAH: Essentially, Armageddon is God’s war to end wickedness. So that means that anyone who isn’t following the true faith – which in Jehovah’s Witness’ mind is themselves – will be cut off, destroyed, leaving over in this paradise only the people who are abiding by God’s laws, aka the Jehovah’s Witness doctrine.

Is Armageddon and Megiddo the same?

Armageddon, (probably Hebrew: “Hill of Megiddo”), in the New Testament, place where the kings of the earth under demonic leadership will wage war on the forces of God at the end of history.

What happened Megiddo?

Megiddo was destroyed in the military campaign of Pharaoh Shishak in 926 BCE, and restored during the reign of Ahab, king of Israel (ca. 874 – 852 BCE) who made it a royal “chariot city.” The new city’s walls were 3.5 m.

Is Megiddo near Gaza?

Megiddo (Hebrew: מְגִדּוֹ، Arabic: المجیدو) is a kibbutz in northern Israel, built in 1949 on the site of the depopulated Arab village of Lajjun. Located in the Jezreel Valley, it falls under the jurisdiction of Megiddo Regional Council….Megiddo, Israel.

Megiddo מגידו‎, מְגִדּוֹ‎
Population (2019) 847