Where is the 223 area code?

Where is the 223 area code?

New area code 223 will overlay the 717 area code for the south-central portion of Pennsylvania, serving communities such as Gettysburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, and York. This will require 10-digit dialing within the region. You won’t have to change your present telephone number.

Where does area code 717 come from?

The 717 area code covers the south-central portion of the state serving communities such as Gettysburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, and York.

Is 717 a toll free number?

Is (717) Area Code a Toll-Free Number? No. The (717) Area Code is not a toll-free number.

What area code is 223 in California?

Area codes 717 and 223 are telephone area codes which serve South Central Pennsylvania and the Susquehanna Valley. They cover the Harrisburg, Lancaster and York metropolitan areas as well as most of the area generally known as Pennsylvania Dutch Country—covering an area of nearly two million people.

What does Angel number 717 mean?

In numerology, Angel Number 717 is a very special number. It is considered as the doorway to wisdom and spirituality. The importance of this number lies in its ability to create a positive change in your life, which helps you gain a new perspective about many things that were apparently going wrong.

Is 00171 a scam phone number?

⚠️ Please note that 00171 is not a valid area code. Please, search in the top search box the full phone number that called you. If you actually received a call from this exact same phone number (00171), it’s definitely a spoofed call mostly used by scammers.

What is +171 phone number?

00171 or +171 is a scam call from a British ‘Container Investment’ Company. i got a call from this number as well do u remember what did he ask u?? me 2 got missed call from ds no. 0017186609970.

How do I block calls from 00171?

If you want to block the calls from 00171 and protect your phone against other potential scams, you can download our app CallBlocker, which automatically identifies and blocks all spam calls that we detect on our website. CallBlocker is a free app, in the last year we have had more than 1 million downloads!