Where is Sanuarach Mine in Skyrim?

Where is Sanuarach Mine in Skyrim?

Sanuarach Mine is a small silver mine in the north of Karthwasten with a smelter near the entrance. The area near the entrance also has three silver ore samples in a cart.

Should I convince Ainethach to sell his land?

It is up to the Dragonborn to either convince Atar to leave with his band of thugs or convince Ainethach to sell the mine to the Silver-Blood Family. Regardless of whom the Dragonborn helps, the other should be persuaded or intimidated. ), then Ainethach intimidated into selling, the reward can be received from Atar.

How do you get to Kolskeggr mine?

Kolskeggr Mine is a mine located in the South Western area of Skyrim. You can find it by traveling East of Markarth. Along with the mine filled with gold, you can find one house called “Pavo’s House.”

Is there a silver mine in Skyrim?

9 Silver Ore It’s decently abundant in the world of Skyrim, and best mined at these locations. Sanuarach Mine, at Karthwasten: Up to 7 veins. Cidhna Mine: Up to 5 veins. Sunderstone Gorge, near Lake Ilinalta: Up to 4 veins.

Where is the best place to mine in Skyrim?

Here are the best mines of Skyrim:

  • Iron: Halted Stream Camp, located NW of Whiterun.
  • Silver: Karthwasten, two mines.
  • Gold: Kolskeggr, also in The Reach.
  • Corundum: Knifepoint Ridge, Falkreath hold (quest-locked, need to do the Boethiah daedric quest).
  • Quicksilver: Quicksilver Mine in Dawnstar.

Where can I mine gold in Skyrim?


  • 17 veins in Kolskeggr Mine, south of the Lover Stone near Markarth.
  • 4 veins at Darkshade, three inside and one just outside the entrance.
  • 3 veins in Lost Prospect Mine, east of Riften, north of the mountains.
  • 2 veins in Blackreach.
  • 2 veins just outside Fort Neugrad.

Is Ainethach a forsworn?

Ainethach is the proprietor of Sanuarach Mine in Karthwasten. He has one son, Rondach who works in the kitchen at Understone Keep in Markarth. He is one of the few who own land in the Reach and is not a Nord. Neither the Nords nor the Forsworn trust him though….

Contains Key to Karthwasten Hall

How do I leave my Atar?

Tell him you will convince Atar and his mercenaries to leave, which starts his quest, then go speak to Atar. Instead of telling Atar to leave, ask him why he shut down the mine and take on his quest to convince Ainethach to sell it.

How many gold rings does it take to get to 100 smithing?

Assuming you mean rings, it takes exactly 676 gold ingots (that’s 1352 gold rings) to level Smithing from 15 to 100.

Where can I find a lot of silver in Skyrim?

Mining Locations One of the easiest ways to get silver is to find members of the Silver Hand Faction and kill them, as most of them carry Silver Ingots. The higher level the enemy is, the more ingots. Cidhna Mine, reached during the No One Escapes from Cidhna Mine Quest in Markarth has 4-5 veins.

Where can I mine silver?

Silver can be found across many geographies, but about 57% of the world’s silver production comes from the Americas, with Mexico and Peru supplying 40%. Outside of the Americas, China, Russia, and Australia combine to make up nearly 22% of the world’s production.