Where is Quinta Monroy?

Where is Quinta Monroy?

ELEMENTAL first made a name for themselves in 2004 with Quinta Monroy, a social housing project in the center of Iquique, Chile. The site had been illegally occupied by 97 families since the 1960s; the architects rehoused these families on the same 5,000-square-metre site.

When was Quinta Monroy built?

Situated in Iquique, Chile, and completed in 2004, the development includes 93 houses and was the first built project by Aravena/Elemental.

Why was Villa Verde built?

The park was built as part of a program to celebrate Chile’s bicentennial.

What are homes in Chile like?

In southern Chile, one can find a traditional ruca (or ruka), a Mapuche home made of wood and covered in hay. Chilean architecture’s penchant for contemporary dwellings, built using concrete, glass and steel, has placed the country firmly on the modern-day architectural map.

Where is Villa Verde housing?

Address:Constitución, Constitución, Maule Region, Chile.

What are Chile houses made of?

As a result, the Chilean houses and buildings are adjusted to suit the natural conditions. In the dry north, materials such as stones, earth and straw are usually used, and the central areas are mainly clay and straw. In the rainy south, tiles and wood are used.

What religions do Chileans practice?

Religion has played a significant role in social and political life throughout Chilean history. Christianity especially continues to be a dominant force in Chilean society. Indeed, most of the population identify with some form of Christianity (84.1%), with the majority identifying as Roman Catholic (66.7%).

How much does it cost to build a house in Chile?

In the end, the entire build cost us around USD$70,000. This includes the cost of a half hectare of land (around USD$25,000), the pre-build legalities, and the materials and labor costs of the build.

What is Chile’s main language?

SpanishChile / Official language
Language in Chile Spanish is the official language, and unlike other South American nations that have experienced immigration from all around the world, the culture and ethnicities of Chile are relatively homogenous throughout.

What is the Quinta Monroy project?

Quinta Monroy project in Iquique, Chile by Elemental. Image via 99 Percent Invisible In Constitución, the plans for Villa Verde, an entire area populated by two-storey half houses, the visual design of the buildings are different, but the concept is the same; half of the houses are identical and the other halves are completely unique.

What happened to Quinta Monroy?

Quinta Monroy was, at least when the project was undertaken, the last informal settlement in the center of Iquique, a city in the Chilean desert, 1,500 kilometers north of Santiago. The poor living conditions favored its inclusion in a government program to replace the settlement with 93 housing units for the families that occupied it.

How much does it cost to buy land in Quinta Monroy?

However, Quinta Monroy’s premium location required a somewhat higher proportion, US$2,500 per household, towards land acquisition, further limiting house size to the dismay of residents.

Where is Aravena’s Iquique?

See all our stories from the biennale. Situated in Iquique, Chile, and completed in 2004, the development includes 93 houses and was the first built project by Aravena/Elemental.