Where is Mole House?

Where is Mole House?

Mole House is a three-storey live-work space in the heart of Hackney, designed as a single-family dwelling for contemporary artist Sue Webster.

What was the name of moles House?

The artist, who previously commissioned Adjaye Associates to build her a home called Dirty House, was attracted by the abandoned house’s bizarre past. For 40 years, Mole House’s previous owner, retired civil engineer William Lyttle, dug a warren of burrows under his 20-room home on Mortimer Road in east London.

Where are Tim Noble and Sue Webster from?

Tim Noble, born in Gloucester in 1966, and Sue Webster, born in Leicester in 1967, met at Nottingham Polytechnic, where they both received BFAs in 1989.

Will a mole come in your house?

It is unusual to find a mole in the house, but it does happen. Moles create complex tunnels underground, preferring the loose dirt of well-tended yards and gardens. While digging, the pests may get into homes through damaged basement windows or foundation cracks near the soil line.

Can moles Cause foundation issues?

Moles can cause serious damage to the house foundation, especially if the foundation is shallow. Their tunnels hold water for a long time near the foundation walls, causing them to crack. Ultimately, the freeze-thaw cycle takes place and destroys the foundation.

What makes Sue Webster’s house so special?

When contemporary London based artist Sue Webster aquired a derelict detached house in de Beauvoir Town, previously occupied by the eccentric ‘Mole Man of Hackney’, she enlisted friend and past collaborator David Adjaye to create for her a perfectly balanced home that combines past and future, and spaces for work, art and everyday life

How many levels does Sue Webster’s Victorian house have?

The detached Victorian house now spans three levels and combines a series of bright and generous live and work spaces. Photography: Ed Reeve A couple of years back, Sue Webster was hunting for a new home.

What does Sue Webster’s front door look like?

Just inside the artist Sue Webster’s front door, crafted from grey cardboard, is the architect’s model of her house. On top is a pyramid roof that Webster lifts up. “This bit we haven’t done yet,” she confesses. “We’d been building for five years: I needed the project to stop.”

When was simply natural by Sue Webster made?

( Simply Natural was a photomontage created by the duo in 1999. In it, their faces are superimposed on to packets of black hair dye.) Sue Webster’s punch bag. She’s an avid kickboxer. Photograph: Gilbert McCarragher/The Observer ‘It’s a bit Twin Peaks’ …the main bathroom’s disorienting zigzag tiles. Photograph: Gilbert McCarragher/The Observer