Where is Lyme disease found in Australia?

Where is Lyme disease found in Australia?

The Australian Government recognises the existence of classical Lyme disease which is found in high rates in endemic areas (mainly the north east of the USA, some areas of Europe including the UK and some parts of Asia). Australians can be infected in these endemic areas and bring the infection to Australia.

Can you be tested for Lyme disease in Australia?

Australian Reference Laboratories are able to confidently diagnose Lyme Disease by serology in patients who have returned from overseas with Lyme Disease infection and have contracted the infection more than four (4) weeks prior to testing. Most patients seroconvert within 4-8 weeks of acquisition of infection.

Why is Lyme disease not Recognised in Australia?

Lyme disease is caused by bacteria transmitted in a tick bite. The types of tick that carry the bacteria are not native to Australia and it’s not likely you can catch Lyme disease in Australia.

Where is the most common place to get Lyme disease?

Cases of Lyme disease have been reported in nearly all states in the U.S. and in large areas in Europe and Asia, but the most common areas are the Northeast, upper Midwest and northwestern states.

Do Australian ticks carry lymes disease?

While there is no evidence that Lyme disease is caused by Australian ticks, there may be other infections carried by Australian ticks which may cause an infection which is similar to Lyme disease. These infections remain poorly characterised.

Can Lyme disease be proven?

Lab tests to identify antibodies to the bacteria can help confirm or rule out the diagnosis. These tests are most reliable a few weeks after an infection, after your body has had time to develop antibodies. They include: Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test.

Can you get Lyme disease without a tick bite?

You can get Lyme disease if you’re bitten by an infected tick. But most people who’ve had a tick bite don’t get Lyme disease.

What kind of ticks cause Lyme disease?

In the United States, Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia mayonii, carried primarily by black-legged or deer ticks. Young brown ticks often are no bigger than a poppy seed, which can make them nearly impossible to spot. To contract Lyme disease, an infected deer tick must bite you.

What diseases do ticks carry in Australia?

Tick-borne diseases occurring in Australia are Australian Tick Typhus or ‘Spotted Fever’ (along the coastal strip of eastern Australia from North Queensland to Victoria) and ‘Flinders Island Spotted Fever’ (in Victoria, Tasmania and Flinders Island in Bass Strait).