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Where in Europe is warmest in April?

Where in Europe is warmest in April?

  1. Cyprus. Average highs in April: 22ºC. Average daily sunshine: 9 hours.
  2. Crete. Average highs in April: 20ºC. Average daily sunshine: 8 hours.
  3. Southern Turkey. Average highs in April: 22ºC.
  4. Malta and Gozo. Average highs in April: 20ºC.
  5. Seville. Average highs in April: 23ºC.
  6. Canary Islands. Average highs in April: 21ºC.

Is April a good time to visit Europe?

“Shoulder season” — generally April through mid-June, and September through October — combines the advantages of both peak- and off-season travel. In shoulder season, you’ll enjoy decent weather, long-enough daylight, fewer crowds, and a local tourist industry still ready to please and entertain.

What is the average temperature in April UK?

Across the UK, April temperatures average a daily high of 12 degrees Celsius (54 degrees Fahrenheit) and a low of 4 °C (39 °F).

What are the normal temperatures in Europe?

Average Annual Temperatures in European Cities

High °F Low °F High °C
64 45 18
72 57 22
68 52 20
63 47 17

How hot is Europe in April?

Average April Temperatures for Cities in Europe

High °F Low °F City
67 53 Athens, Greece
64 47 Barcelona, Spain
64 47 Belgrade, Serbia
56 40 Berlin, Germany

How cold is Europe in April?

April in Europe is influenced by Marine – Mild Winter climate. When you travel to Europe in April you can expect: usually rain, the occasional thunderstorm, seldom snow, every once in a while fog and expect not so hot weather. The range of average daytime temperatures are around 12℃ and 19℃.

Is April good time to visit Switzerland?

The best time to visit Switzerland is between April and October, though winter sports enthusiasts may prefer December to March. The country has four distinct seasons, each with its own attractions. The spring months of March to May bring Alpine blooms, flowering trees and cows heading out to pasture.

What is the weather like in Portugal in April?

Spring is a shoulder season and is a great time to visit! In April, average daytime temperatures in Portugal are around 18-20°C (65-68°F). Rain isn’t uncommon, but mostly, you can expect beautiful sunny skies. Sometimes temperatures rise to summer-like 25°C (77°F), which is almost too warm for exploring the cities.

What keeps Europe warm?

The Gulf Stream is nicknamed “Europe’s central heating”, because it makes Europe’s climate warmer and wetter than it would otherwise be.

What is the hottest month in Europe?

Western Europe Weather in July: Along with August, July is the hottest month of the year in the western region of Europe, though temperatures generally don’t get much warmer than 22°C, so if you’re coming from a warm climate it may feel relatively cool.