Where does the Santa Clause take place?

Where does the Santa Clause take place?

Though the film takes place in fictional Lakeside, Illinois, and the North Pole, the film was actually filmed in the suburb of Toronto called Oakville. So, despite what Santa says, it looks like even in the films he is actually Canadian.

Is Santa Claus: The Movie on Disney plus?

Watch The Santa Clause | Full movie | Disney+

What happened to the kid from The Santa Clause?

It’s been 27 years since The Santa Clause hit theaters, and Lloyd, who was eight when the movie was released, is now 35. The former child star continued acting for a while before making a career change but sticking with the entertainment business.

Was The Santa Clause filmed in Canada?

The Santa Clause was mainly shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Filming also took place at Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles, California. Scott’s house was located at 17 Chisholm Street, Oakville. Oakville, Canada.

Where can I watch Santa?

In the US, the obvious place to watch Santa Claus: The Movie is on NBC’s Peacock+ streaming service. If you’re happy with 5 minutes of adverts every hour, you can watch the movie completely free of charge.

What happened Paige Tamada?

Paige Tamada (Judy) She would continue to make guest appearances on ’90s shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Ally McBeal before giving up acting around the turn of the millennium. She later graduated from U.C. Berkeley and now works as a retail industry executive.

What does Eric Lloyd do now?

LP Studios
As Eric’s website states, the 34-year-old now works as a director, editor, audio engineer, and producer for his production company LP Studios in L.A. Oh, and based on this Instagram photo, he’s also quite the beer model as well.

Where is Scott Calvin’s house?

Divorcee Scott Calvin’s home in The Santa Clause is set in Lakeside, Illinois. The home is worth £1.5million.

Was Santa Claus filmed in Toronto?

The film was shot at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, California, and on location in the Greater Toronto Area, with Oakville serving as the city of Lakeside, Illinois.