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Where does the name kill come from?

Where does the name kill come from?

The origins of the Kill name lie with England’s ancient Anglo-Saxon culture. It comes from when the family lived in Keele, a village and civil parish in northern Staffordshire, or in East Keal or West Keal in Lincolnshire.

What does the name kill mean?

The word comes from the Middle Dutch kille, meaning “riverbed” or “water channel”. The term is used in areas of Dutch influence in the Delaware and Hudson Valleys and other areas of the former New Netherland colony of Dutch America to describe a strait, river, or arm of the sea.

Is killing an Irish name?

Kil/Kill e.g. Kilcock, Kill, Ballinakill “Kil/Kill” is slightly more difficult, stemming from either “coill” meaning “wood” or “cill” meaning “church.” There are several places named “Kill” throughout Ireland and some of them are “An Choill” in Irish, while others are “An Chill.”

Why do some towns end in kill?

Kill means creek Why all the names ending in ‘kill’? One definition of the word is channel or creek — of which there are many in this mountainous Northeast region. The area around Fishkill, New York, was founded by the Dutch in the early 1600s; the ‘kill’ part in the name is actually the Dutch word for ‘stream. ‘

What is the origin of the name scales?

Northern English: topographic name for someone who lived in a rough hut or shed, northern Middle English scale ‘hut’ (from Old Norse skáli), later also sc(h)ole, or a habitational name from one of the various places named with this word, as for example Scales in Lancashire and Cumbria.

Where did the word body come from?

From Middle English bodi, bodiȝ, from Old English bodiġ (“body, trunk, chest, torso, height, stature”), from Proto-West Germanic *bodag (“body, trunk”), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰewdʰ- (“to be awake, observe”).

What does the root word body mean?

body (n.) Old English bodig “trunk of a man or beast, physical structure of a human or animal; material frame, material existence of a human; main or principal part of anything,” related to Old High German botah, but otherwise of unknown origin.

What does kill mean in Native American?

A kill is a body of water, most commonly a creek, but also a tidal inlet, river, strait, or arm of the sea.

What is the meaning of the Dutch word kill?

little stream
“Kill” is a Dutch word meaning “little stream.” Since Dutch men settled around the “Kill,” (in Long Island City) the name Dutch Kills was adopted. The “Kill” (or stream) is a tributary of Newtown Creek, which divides Queens from Brooklyn.

Why is it called Catskill?

The origin of the name Catskill is somewhat contentious. It has long been argued that the name is derived from Kaaterskill (Dutch: “Wildcat Creek”), as one of the better-known nearby streams is called (probably because of the presence of bobcats).

What is meant by kill switch?

noun. a button, switch, or other mechanism that allows a machine to be shut down immediately:Only use the kill switch in emergencies.

Where did the name Kill Devil Hills come from?

An earlier map from 1808 also references the name but spells it “Killdevil Hills.” So, where did the name Kill Devil Hills come from? One theory is that the name derived from rum, possibly originating from the Caribbean Islands or New England, that was “strong enough to kill the devil.”

Why is it called “Kill Devil” rum?

In the early 1700’s, Virginia’s William Byrd wrote, “Most of the Rum they get in this Country … is so bad and unwholesome, that it is not improperly called ‘Kill-Devil,’” proving the rum was already referred to that name.

Why is it called Killdeer Hills?

Another possible explanation comes from the local killdeer bird. The area was so populated with the species that it earned the nickname “Killdeer Hills.”

Why do we say “kill the Devil” instead of “ kill the deer”?

With differences in dialect as the name was repeated, both orally and on paper, this could easily have transitioned overtime to “kill devil,” especially if “kill-devil” was a spirit found in the area and someone misheard the word “killdeer.” Some explanations are more mythical.