Where does Leifnarr live Skyrim?

Where does Leifnarr live Skyrim?

Leifnarr is a Nord farmer who can be found dead in Broken Helm Hollow. Grosta at Heartwood Mill will ask you to find him.

Where is the Heartwood Mill?

Overview. Heartwood Mill is a mill located in South Eastern Skyrim. You can find it by traveling West of Riften. It’s run by Grosta, a female nord, and her husband Leifnarr.

Who do I report Leifnarr’s death to in Skyrim?

You must talk to Grosta, Leifnarr’s wife, before finding his dead body, so mission is activated before that happens. If it is too later, write after pressing “~” (to open console) SetStage E3EA5 30, it is important that you press spacebar between E3EA5 and 30.

Where is heartwood Castle Skyrim?

Heartwood Castle is situated on the main road west out of Riften, just to the south of Heartwood Mill.

How do you get to heartwood in Skyrim?

It can be found in wood nodes when you collect them, a chance (not 100%) to get some with each node harvested. If you don’t like node farming but have gold then you can go to the guild traders and buy it. Heartwood has only existed in the game a few weeks.

Can’t find Louis Letrush?

Louis Letrush may disappear if you talk to Sibbi Black-Briar before accepting Louis deal. The solution described by Elder Scrolls Wiki will require you to go back a few saves if you’re not on PC. Reveal the plan to Maven_Black-Briar and continue the quest as normal.

Where can I find leifnarr in Skyrim?

Leifnarr is a Nord farmer who can be found dead in Broken Helm Hollow. Grosta at Heartwood Mill will ask you to find him. Leifnarr wears randomly determined farm clothes (7 variations) or a belted tunic, a pair of boots (4 variations), with a 50% chance for a hat (3 variations).

Where can I find leifnarr and grosta?

Pulling the arrow from Leifnarr’s chest causes the Dragonborn to realize that Leifnarr is dead. Grosta will express remorse at his death, chiding herself for assuming he was being unfaithful. They can be found at the Heartwood Mill, west of Riften . Grosta needs help finding her husband, Leifnarr, who has been missing for a few months.

What happens if you search for leifnarr’s body?

If Leifnarr is a Dead Thrall when one speaks to Grosta, the quest may clear and then reappear. Similarly, if Leifnarr’s body is searched again or activated as a thrall, the quest will become active again.

How do I fix leifnarr’s corpse in Skyrim?

This bug is fixed by version 1.0 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. You can fix it by using console command setstage e3ea5 30 . Despite being named Leifnarr by his wife and the related quest, his corpse will be labeled as an unnamed “Nord”.