Where do Soldiers live Fort Drum?

Where do Soldiers live Fort Drum?

Fort Drum Off-Base Housing Watertown, New York, is Fort Drum’s closest and largest neighbor, and many families reside there because of the proximity to the base and due to the convenience of the commercial amenities— they’re the densest in Watertown.

Where can I live off the post at Fort Drum?

For those eligible to live off-post, most families elect to live in Watertown, Calcium, Evans Mills, and other surrounding towns. Due to the winter weather conditions in Fort Drum, finding housing close to post can be a big safety factor and time saver during winter months.

Can civilians live on Fort Drum NY?

In our gated community, we aim to provide the ultimate living experience and are proud to serve active-duty military and retirees, reservists, DOD employees, and civilian residents. Our community has been designed with our residents in mind offering spacious two- to four-bedroom single-family homes in Fort Drum.

Can a single soldier live on post housing?

The Single Unaccompanied On-Post Housing Program currently offers three post housing options for single Soldiers, staff sergeant and above, with each option featuring different rent scales and amenities. …

Is Fort Drum small?

Fort Drum consists of 107,265 acres (434.09 km2). In this region, winter temperatures can reach as low as −30 °F (−34 °C)….Fort Drum.

Fort Drum, New York
• Total 14.42 sq mi (37.35 km2)
• Land 14.33 sq mi (37.11 km2)
• Water 0.09 sq mi (0.24 km2)
Elevation 590 ft (180 m)

When was Fort Drum housing built?

It is home to the 10th Mountain Division. Fort Drum consists of 107,265 acres (434.09 km2)….

Fort Drum
Built 1908
In use 1908-present

Do single soldiers have to live in barracks?

During basic training and initial job training, all enlisted service members are required to live in the barracks. When service members move to their permanent duty station, only single members are required to live in unaccompanied housing, or barracks.

Can a single military man live off base?

Military Housing for Singles Army policy allows single members in the paygrade of E-6 and above to live off base at government expense. However, at some bases, E-5s are allowed to move off base at government expense, depending on the barracks occupancy rates of that base.