Where can I publish simulation cases?

Where can I publish simulation cases?

If you are interested in submitting a simulator case for review, please go to:

Is Clinical Simulation in Nursing a peer reviewed journal?

Clinical Simulation in Nursing is an international, peer reviewed journal published online monthly. Clinical Simulation in Nursing is the official journal of the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation & Learning (INACSL) and reflects its mission to advance the science of healthcare simulation.

Can we use simulation in medical industry?

In the field of medicine, simulation is specifically invaluable for training interdisciplinary medical teams where it provides realistic scenarios and equipment that allow for continuous training and practice until mastery is achieved in the procedure or skill.

What is simulation in health and social care?

Simulation is the imitation or representation of one act or system by another. Healthcare simulations can be said to have four main purposes – education, assessment, research, and health system integration in facilitating patient safety.

What is simulation education in nursing?

Simulation-based clinical education in nursing refers to a variety of activities using patient simulators, including devices, trained persons, lifelike virtual environments, and role-playing, not just handling mannequins [1].

What is clinical simulation?

Clinical Simulation is a way for a Simulation Center to replicate real-world healthcare scenarios in an environment which is safe for education and experimentation purposes.

What is clinical simulation in nursing?

What is a hospital simulator?

Simulations take place in a traditional Center for Simulation, a mock patient room with an adjacent classroom. Others take place in the units or operating rooms where patient care actually happens. Some simulations use high-tech medical manikins; others use trained actors as patients or parents.

What is simulation Modelling in healthcare?

Simulation modelling in healthcare is an effective approach to understanding the interdependency between human-oriented and infrastructure-oriented variables in complex systems of systems (SoS), and to explore scenarios of decision-making from different stakeholders or practitioners.

What is a simulation in medical terms?

Simulation is a generic term that refers to an artificial representation of a real world process to achieve educational goals through experiential learning. Simulation based medical education is defined as any educational activity that utilizes simulation aides to replicate clinical scenarios.

What is the purpose of the journal simulation in healthcare?

The journal seeks to contribute to research, innovation and knowledge translation for practitioners, teachers, students and leaders in all health and social care professions who wish to improve clinical outcomes, patient experience, and safety utilizing simulation in healthcare.

What is the Amee guide on simulation in healthcare?

This Guide is the second part of a two-part AMEE Guide on simulation in healthcare education. The first Guide focuses on building a simulation program, and discusses more operational topics such as types of simulators, simulation center structure and set-up, fidelity management, and scenario engineering, as well as faculty preparation.

What is the best evidence practical guide for simulation in healthcare?

Simulation in healthcare education: a best evidence practical guide. AMEE Guide No. 82 Over the past two decades, there has been an exponential and enthusiastic adoption of simulation in healthcare education internationally.

What is simulation&gaming?

For more than five decades, Simulation & Gaming: An International Journal of Theory, Practice and Research has served as a leading international forum for the exploration and development of simulation/gaming methodologies used in education, training, consultation, and research.