Where can I fish in Rainy Lake?

Where can I fish in Rainy Lake?

From the end of spring to early summer, walleye are plentiful in the shallower areas of Rainy Lake where the water is warmer. Find a shallow depth near reeds and cast out a leech or minnow to attract these fish. During the middle and late summer, walleye move towards the deeper parts of the lake.

Is Rainy Lake good for fishing?

Rainy Lake has developed a reputation as one of the premier fishing lakes in the upper Midwest. Walleye, sauger, smallmouth bass, northern pike, musky and crappie are all present in large numbers. With hundreds of islands, bays, and reefs, Rainy Lake boasts some of the best fishing anywhere.

What is the deepest part of Rainy Lake?

164′Rainy Lake / Max depth

Where can I fish in Rainy Lake in June?

If you’ve booked a houseboat and a Rainy Lake fishing trip in June, you can find Northerns in shallow bays, reed beds, rock piles and areas where there are plenty of walleye and crappie. If you come in September, you can find walleye near sunken islands, reefs, and mud flats.

Are there muskies in Rainy Lake?

muskie. The fish of 10,000 casts they say. On Rainy Lake, muskie fishing can be very successful and they average from 38-45 inches with plenty beating that in the 46-49 inches and some even bigger than 50 inches!

Does Rainy Lake have lake trout?

There are no Lake trout on Rainy Lake, so you can leave the trout sticks behind. Yes in May the Crappies will be milling around spawning grounds. The stage of the Crappies in May is always greatly infuenced by both the current weather conditions and water temperatures.

How do you catch walleye in the rain?

One of the best times to catch walleye is right before rain. The bite will continue into the rain event itself. I have found walleye to continue biting during rain as long as you fish a little slower. The rain and stormy conditions will stir up the water adding additional nutrients into the water.

How thick is the ice on Rainy Lake?

Ice thickness is being reported anywhere from dangerous to 14″.

How many acres is Rainy Lake?

227,604 acres
Excluding the Great Lakes, Rainy Lake is the 5th largest inland lake in Ontario. Rainy Lake covers 92,100 ha (227,604 acres) and has over 2,200 islands of which over 2,000 are in Canada.

Are there lake trout in Rainy Lake?

Where is the mermaid on Rainy Lake?

Copenhagen Island
The mermaid is located in Canada near Copenhagen Island. For those only familiar with bigger landmarks of Rainy Lake, it is north of Grindstone Island in the U.S. and west of Sand Point Island in Canada. The Mermaid was constructed in the 1930’s by Gordon Schlichting of Minneapolis.