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Where are kaldewei baths made?

Where are kaldewei baths made?

in Germany
100% “made in Germany” KALDEWEI offers bathrooms of superior quality and unmistakable style, with shower surface, bathtub and washbasin made completely of one material.

How thick are kaldewei baths?

Kaldewei Baths are regarded as number one in Europe for steel baths and shower trays. Steel baths are a welcome change from the flimsy acrylic alternatives and with a thickness of 3.5mm they convey a feeling of solidity and warmth that will stay for far longer than plastic baths.

What are kaldewei baths made from?

The SUPERPLAN ZERO is a floor-level masterpiece made of sustainable steel enamel. The step-free access and the extremely precise corner radii allow the elegant shower surface to shine alongside the tiles.

What is the difference between porcelain and enamel bathtub?

Enamel is quite understandable as Porcelain itself is an enamel coating, so the two have similar appearances. The primary difference is that Enamel covers steel or iron bathtub, meaning that the bathtub is magnetic while porcelain is not.

How heavy is a steel enamel bath?

A standard 60-inch porcelain-enameled steel bathtub weighs about 75 pounds.

How long does a steel bath last?

With good maintenance, you will find you can get at least 20 years from your porcelain-enameled steel bathtub. And you can extend the life of your porcelain-enameled steel bathtub by another 10-15 years with a bathtub liner.

What is the best thickness for a bath?

Most acrylic baths have a thickness of between 5-10mm. Double skinned acrylic baths are much more durable and will provide you with a reliable, robust product that will last longer as a result. Generally, baths that are at least 8mm thick are a good option to go for as they have less risk of cracking.

What is a Premiercast bath?

The premier finish is a surface that is added to the exterior of the bath, and offers additional strength and longevity to it. The strength of the Premier Finish is comparable to that of an old style cast iron bath, which gives you extra safety and security.

Why choose Kaldewei baths?

Kaldewei Baths are manufactured in Germany using the latest techniques. The steel enamelled baths give a high quality, smooth finish. They offer a wide range of sizes and styles to solve every bathroom problem.

Why choose Kaldewei?

Architects and project planners all over the world value KALDEWEI for its long-lasting and timelessly beautiful products, as well as for its bathroom expertise, and its willingness to transform customer wishes and market requirements into attractive solutions. Take a look at some of the results of these partnerships here.

What is Kaldewei steel enamel?

KALDEWEI steel enamel combines robust steel and tough glass to form an inseparable bond that harnesses the strengths of each material in perfect symbiosis and looks just exquisite. KALDEWEI steel enamel guarantees lasting quality that remains irresistible day after day.

How do I contact Franz Kaldewei?

Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Beckumer Straße 33-35 • 59229 Ahlen. Phone: +49 2382 785 0. E-mail: info [at]