When was Toonami Cancelled?

When was Toonami Cancelled?

September 20, 2008
At midnight on April 1, 2012 (April Fools Day), Adult Swim, aired a lineup of Toonami oriented programming and bumpers and made a tweet the day after, asking if the fans wanted Toonami back….

Network Cartoon Network
Launched March 17, 1997
Cancelled September 20, 2008

What was on Toonami in 2005?

January 1, 2005 Lineup

  • 7:00 PM – Duel Masters.
  • 7:30 PM – Teen Titans.
  • 8:00 PM – Teen Titans.
  • 8:30 PM – Justice League Unlimited.
  • 9:00 PM – Megas XLR.
  • 9:30 PM – Yu Yu Hakusho.
  • 10:00 PM – Dragon Ball GT.
  • 10:30 PM – Rurouni Kenshin.

Is Toonami a part of Adult Swim?

Adult Swim Block Toonami is an animated programming block that formerly aired on Cartoon Network, and currently airs on Adult Swim, geared toward action animation, mostly consisting of American cartoons and Japanese anime.

When did Toonami air on Cartoon Network?

Beginning on Cartoon Network on Monday, March 17, 1997, for two hours the channel was dedicated to action cartoons — Jonny Quest and Thundercats were on the first lineup, but so was giant-robot classic Voltron, and soon after, Robotech.

Is Toonami still on 2020?

The following is the complete list of lineups that were broadcast on Adult Swim’s Toonami block from 2020-Present….Toonami Lineups (2020-Present)

Weekday Afternoon Cartoon Network Block Saturday Night Cartoon Network Block Adult Swim Block
1997-2004 Fridays (1997-2004) Saturdays (1997-1998) 2004-2008 2012-2019 2020-Present
Other Toonami Blocks

Was berserk on Toonami?

Though Adult Swim, Toonami, and Cartoon Network have been responsible for bringing Rick And Morty to life, along with bringing over numerous anime series to North America, Berserk unfortunately never was made a part of the programming block.

Who runs Toonami?

Jason DeMarco
Toonami (/tuːˈnɑːmi/ too-NAH-mee) is an American late night television programming block that primarily broadcasts Japanese anime and occasionally American action animation. It was created by Sean Akins and Jason DeMarco and produced by Williams Street, a division of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Who created Toonami?

Sean Akins

When did InuYasha air on Toonami?

In the United States, the English dub of InuYasha premiered on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Action programming block (although it had originally been planned for the Toonami block) from August 31, 2002 to October 27, 2006. It then continued to air on Adult Swim, in reruns, through 2014.

What’s on the Toonami schedule?

A list of the lineups and programs featured in Toonami blocks. The schedule occasionally features “Toonami In Flight” blocks which contain movies or special presentations, as well as marathons and other scheduled programming that would occupy some of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim’s regular programming.

What are some of the best Toonami shows to watch?

Toonami Shows 2001 Outlaw Star, The Big O (Season 1), Cardc 2000 G-Force: Guardians of Space, Mobile Suit 1999 ReBoot, The Powerpuff Girls, Ronin Warri 1998 Robotech, Beast Wars: Transformers, Sail

What time zones does Toonami use?

The broadcast times and ranges can also be used in conjunction with the Pacific Time Zone based on the network’s West Coast feed. Cartoon Network and Adult Swim have licensed a number of animated series for broadcast on the Toonami programming blocks over the years. The first Toonami Midnight Run exclusive series.

Are there any special blocks that have aired on Toonami?

Some of the special blocks that have aired in Toonami during its run on Cartoon Network: April Fools Joker Virus (2002): episodes from Batman: The Animated Series featuring The Joker.