When was the last Mississippi River flood?

When was the last Mississippi River flood?

The River was in flood at Baton Rouge for 67 days (6th longest since 1927) and Red River Landing was above flood stage for 74 days (7th longest since 1927). The longest known flood of record on the lower Mississippi River!…Flood Duration Data (1927 – Present)

Rank Duration (Days) Year
21 50 1937

What years did the Mississippi river flood?

The Mississippi River floods in April and May 2011 were among the largest and most damaging along the U.S. waterway in the past century, rivalling major floods in 1927 and 1993. In April 2011, two major storm systems dumped record rainfall on the Mississippi River watershed.

What caused the Mississippi river to flood?

The primary meteorological factors that led to the historic Mississippi River Flood of 2011 included above-normal snowfall over the Upper Mississippi Valley, elevated river levels from heavy rain events from February to April, and a very heavy rain event the end of April/beginning of May.

How many people died during the Mississippi River flood of 2011?

2011 Mississippi River floods

100 populated locations were experiencing major or moderate flooding on May 8, 2011. Source: National Weather Service
Date May 4, 2011 to June 20, 2011
Location Mississippi River Valley, United States
Deaths About 20 direct 348 indirect from preceding storms
Property damage US$2 to 4 billion

When did the Mississippi River flow backwards?

February 7, 1812
On February 7, 1812, the most violent of a series of earthquakes near Missouri causes a so-called fluvial tsunami in the Mississippi River, actually making the river run backward for several hours.

Does the Mississippi River still flood?

Rising River Levels Along The Mississippi River The Mississippi River will continue to rise through the next 1 to 2 weeks as runoff from snowmelt upstream in combination with rainfall runoff moves through the river system. Confidence has increased that much of the river will see minor to moderate flooding.

What was the longest flood?

Mississippi River Flood of 1927
To prevent future floods, the federal government built the world’s longest system of levees and floodways….Great Mississippi Flood of 1927.

Mississippi River Flood of 1927 showing flooded areas and relief operations.
Date 1926–1929
Deaths about 500