Whats a townland in Ireland?

Whats a townland in Ireland?

A townland (Irish: baile fearainn; Ulster-Scots: toonlann) is a small geographical division of land used in Ireland and in the Western Isles in Scotland, typically covering 100–500 acres (40–202 ha). The townland system is of Gaelic origin, pre-dating the Norman invasion, and most have names of Irish origin.

How many civil parishes in Ireland?

2,509 civil parishes
328 baronies, 2,509 civil parishes, 4,563 electoral divisions, 61,119 townlands currently mapped on OpenStreetMap.

How many parishes does Ireland have?

There are approximately 2,445 civil parishes in Ireland, though they are no longer used for any administrative purpose.

What does DED mean in Irish census?

District Electoral Division
The 1901 and 1911 censuses were organised by District Electoral Division (DED), which can make it difficult to limit the search to a particular parish.

How many townlands are there in Ireland?

There are over 64,000 townlands in Ireland. Townlands are the most basic unit of land division.

What are baronies in Ireland?

In Ireland, a barony (Irish: barúntacht, plural barúntachtaí) is a historical subdivision of a county, analogous to the hundreds into which the counties of England were divided. Baronies were created during the Tudor reconquest of Ireland, replacing the earlier cantreds formed after the original Norman invasion.

What is the difference between a civil parish and an ecclesiastical parish?

Civil parishes can trace their origin to the ancient system of ecclesiastical parishes, which historically played a role in both secular and religious administration. Civil and religious parishes were formally differentiated in the 19th century and are now entirely separate.

What is the oldest county in Ireland?

Kerry and Mayo are the oldest counties in the country, the Census has revealed. The average age of people in Ireland in April last year was 37.4 years old, up 1.3 years since 2011, with Fingal in north Dublin home to the most young people and an average age of 34.3.

How many townlands in Tipperary?

Tipperary has an area of 17.7 km² / 4,384.8 acres / 6.9 square miles. There are 18 townlands that we know about in Tipperary. This represents 96.3% of all the area in Tipperary.

How many Kilnamanagh kilmucklin in Tipperary?

10 Kilnamanagh Lower Aghacrew Tipperary Ballysheehan 403 Middlethird Ballysheehan Cashel Ballysheehan 244 Iffa and Offa West Shanrahan Clogheen Ballysimon 35 Clanwilliam Kilmucklin Tipperary Ballyslatteen 488 Clanwilliam Relickmurry & Athassel Tipperary Ballyslea 192 Ikerrin Rathnaveoge Roscrea Ballysorrell 523 Ikerrin Killavinoge Roscrea

How many kilvemnon Callan in Tipperary?

63 Slievardagh Kilvemnon Callan Raheen Lower 123 Clanwilliam Solloghod-beg Tipperary Raheen Upper 123 Clanwilliam Solloghod-beg Tipperary Raheenroe 185 Iffa and Offa West Shanrahan Clogheen Raheenroe 25 Middlethird Coolmundry Cashel Raheens 30 Ikerrin

How many Clanwilliam Killardry are in Tipperary?

Tipperary Drangan More 430 Clanwilliam Killardry Tipperary Drish 160 Eliogarty Rahelty Thurles Drishane 249 Clanwilliam Rathlynin Tipperary