What yeast does Duvel use?

What yeast does Duvel use?

The primary yeast strains for fermenting a strong golden are Wyeast 1388 (Belgian Strong Ale) and White Labs WLP570 (Belgian Golden Ale) with a probable origin of Duvel Moortgat. These strains produce a strong peppery phenolic with a balanced orange and lemon-like ester.

What is saison yeast?

Saison yeast produces fruity esters reminiscent of lemon and orange citrus notes. They often produce a slightly peppery aroma also. Some of the modern ones tend to produce small amounts of isoamyl acetate, which is the banana/bubble-gum flavour found in wheat beers.

Is Duvel bottle conditioned?

The rich, dense head is also a unique aspect and is primarily the result of partial bottle conditioning, where the beer is aged in a temperature-controlled environment for up to 2 months. See bottle conditioning . Bottle-conditioned Duvel has 8.8% alcohol by volume (ABV).

What temperature should I ferment saison?

around 77 °F
Recommended fermentation temperature is around 77 °F (25 °C) as it leads to a nice and balanced saison profile. The strain is notorious to cease fermenting around 1.035–1.040 before it wakes up and finishes the fermentation.

How long should a saison ferment?

10–14 days
Cool the wort to 80 ºF, aerate the beer and pitch your yeast. Allow the beer to cool over the next few hours to 68–70 ºF and ferment for 10–14 days.

How can I improve my attenuation?

Poor Attenuation

  1. Keep it simple. Replace a portion of the malt sugars with a simple sugar such as dextrose (corn sugar).
  2. Oxygenate like you mean it. Give your yeast a fighting chance by aggressively oxygenating the wort at pitching time.
  3. Throw a powerful pitch.
  4. Switch strains.
  5. Spring for the bubbly.
  6. Funk it up.

What percentage is high attenuation?

Attenuation This term is usually given as a percentage to describe the percent of malt sugar that is converted by the yeast strain to ethanol and CO2. Most yeast strains attenuate in the range of 65 – 80%. More specifically, this range is the “Apparent” attenuation.

How long should a Belgian Tripel ferment?

Ferment at 64°F for 2 days. Raise fermentation temperature by 2°F every 2 days until 76°F. Hold at 76°F until gravity is stable, about 7 to 10 days.