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What was Pope Urban VIII known for?

What was Pope Urban VIII known for?

Urban VIII was the last pope to extend the papal territory. He fortified Castelfranco Emilia on the Mantuan frontier and commissioned Vincenzo Maculani to fortify the Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome. Urban VIII also established an arsenal in the Vatican, an arms factory at Tivoli and fortified the harbour of Civitavecchia.

Who was Galileo’s friend who became Pope Urban VIII?

Barberini rose rapidly in the Church hierarchy. In 1606, he was appointed cardinal and, with the death of Pope Gregory XV in 1623, he was elected Pope, taking the name of Pope Urban VIII.

Who was the last non cardinal pope?

Pope Urban VI
Pope Urban VI (Latin: Urbanus VI; Italian: Urbano VI; c. 1318 – 15 October 1389), born Bartolomeo Prignano (Italian pronunciation: [bartoloˈmɛːo priɲˈɲaːno]), was head of the Catholic Church from 8 April 1378 to his death. He was the most recent pope to be elected from outside the College of Cardinals.

Who was pope in 1618?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Pope Gregory XV (Latin: Gregorius XV; Italian: Gregorio XV; 9 January 1554 – 8 July 1623), born Alessandro Ludovisi, was head of the Catholic Church and ruler of the Papal States from 9 February 1621 to his death in 1623.

Did Pope Urban VIII ban sneezing?

1624: On grounds that tobacco use prompts sneezing, which resembles sexual ecstasy, Pope Urban VIII issues a worldwide smoking ban and threatens excommunication for those who smoke or take snuff in holy places.

Why did the church fear Galileo?

Galileo was ordered to turn himself in to the Holy Office to begin trial for holding the belief that the Earth revolves around the sun, which was deemed heretical by the Catholic Church.

Can non cardinals become pope?

This category is for non-cardinals elected pope by a papal election of conclave. Such individuals have been the exception to the rule since the papal bull of 1058, In nomine Domini, reserved the election of the pope to the cardinals exclusively.

Who was Pope Paul the 5th?

Camillo Borghese
Paul V, original name Camillo Borghese, (born Sept. 17, 1552, Rome—died Jan. 28, 1621, Rome), Italian pope from 1605 to 1621. A distinguished canon lawyer, he was papal envoy to Spain for Pope Clement VIII, who made him cardinal in 1596.

Is Pope Innocent XI a saint?

Pope Innocent XI

Pope Blessed Innocent XI
Venerated in Catholic Church
Title as Saint Blessed
Beatified 7 October 1956 Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City by Pope Pius XII
Attributes Papal vestments Camauro Papal tiara