What was Pepi II known for?

What was Pepi II known for?

Pepi II is believed to have been the youngest ruler to ever ascend the throne in ancient Egypt. In 2284 B.C., when he ascended the throne after his predecessor Merenre I’s death, he was said to be only six years old.

When did pharaoh Pepi II rule?

Late Egyptian tradition indicates that Pepi II acceded at the age of six and, in accord with king lists of the New Kingdom (1539–1075 bce), credits him with a 94-year reign. Contemporary texts record his 62nd and 65th years.

What did Pepi I do?

Pepi I, third king of the 6th dynasty (c. 2325–c. 2150 bce) of ancient Egypt, whose reign saw the spread of trade and conquest and a growth in the influence of powerful provincials from Upper Egypt. Pepi was the son of Teti, founder of the 6th dynasty.

Where is Pepi II from?

EgyptPepi II Neferkare / Place of birth

Which pharaoh ruled longest?

Pepi II
The longest documented reign of any monarch is that of Phiops II (also known as Pepi II or Neferkare) a Sixth-Dynasty pharaoh of ancient Egypt.

What city did Pepi II rule?

Memphis was established as the capital city during the early dynastic period. It was the seat of power at the beginning of Pepi II’s rule. As his power weakened during his long reign, so did the influence of the city of Memphis.

How long did Pepi II live?

100 years
Pepi II, According to tradition, lived to the age of 100 years and ruled for 96 of them. His elder brother, the pharaoh Merenra, reigned for only a few years and when he suddenly died, Pepi became king while still a child.

How old was Pepi the 2nd when he died?

His second name, Neferkare (Nefer-ka-Re), means “Beautiful is the Ka of Re”. He succeeded to the throne at age six, after the death of Merenre I….

Pepi II Neferkare
Died after 2247 BC, probably c. 2216 BC or c. 2184 BC (older than 37, probably aged 68–100)
Burial Pyramid of Pepi II in Saqqara

Who was the most beautiful pharaoh?

Hatshepsut was the fifth Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, one of the greatest queens, and the most beautiful of women, the powerful queen who shook the world and made everyone bow in reverence and glory in front of her power.