What undertones are in Benjamin Moore stone hearth?

What undertones are in Benjamin Moore stone hearth?

What undertones does Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth have? Stone Hearth definitely has some purple undertones, which would lean itself to being a cool color. However, because of its undertones of brown, it feels warmer painted on your walls unless you have a lot of direct sunlight in a room with south-facing windows.

What are the undertones of Benjamin Moore smokey taupe?

Smokey Taupe 983 from Benjamin Moore This taupe color has a bit of a red undertone to it, not overly strong. It is this undertone that gives the feel of a light airy color with a nice amount of warmth.

What color is stone hearth?

CC-490 Stone Hearth is a slightly darker neutral that leans a little toward the beige side. Having said that, light direction, and the amount of light in a space can affect this colour significantly.

Is Smokey taupe the same as stone hearth?

Formerly Known As Smoky Taupe. This colour is part of the Designer Classics Collection. A perennial favorite of both discerning consumers and professional designers alike, Designer Classics are colours you can choose with confidence to enhance the mood and atmosphere of any living space. …

Is Stone Hearth a greige?

Stone Hearth 984, a warm greige paint color by Benjamin Moore.

Is taupe more brown or gray?

“People often think of taupe as being interchangeable with beige or tan, but it’s actually a much darker shade of brown-grey, an espresso grey rather than a tan grey.”

What color looks good with taupe?

Taupe color is so neutral that it can be combined with any shade. It looks particularly well with pastel and very intense colors: turquoise, emerald or even fuchsia. You can also use it in a classic combination with white or black, and design a minimalist design for your interior.

Does gray and taupe go together?

The key to a great match lies in coordinating the tones. Warm gray shades go well with other warm-toned colors, like taupe, blush pink, butter yellow, and burnt orange.

Do grey and taupe go together?