What the definition of grandiloquent?

What the definition of grandiloquent?

Definition of grandiloquence : a lofty, extravagantly colorful, pompous, or bombastic style, manner, or quality especially in language was urged to follow up his grandiloquence with positive action.

What are some grandiloquent words?

Five Grandiloquent Words That We Love

  • Hornswoggle: To deceive or cheat.
  • Sockdolager: A decisive blow or, more generally, something exceptional.
  • Callithumpian: Cacophonous, especially as a celebration or protest.
  • Ferricadouzer: A knockdown punch.

What is the noun of grandiloquent?

grandiloquence. lofty, pompous or bombastic speech or writing.

How do you use grandiloquence in a sentence?

Her big features matched its grandiloquence and spoke volumes from a distance. He discovered that a poet could achieve a deeper poetic effect by not shouting or declaiming, or repeating himself, by avoiding bombast and grandiloquence.

Can a person be grandiloquent?

The word grandiloquent generally refers to the way a person behaves or speaks. Politicians and schoolteachers are the usual suspects of this manner of behavior, known as grandiloquence, but it can refer to anything that’s overbearing or pompous in style or manner.

How do you spell grandiloquent?

speaking or expressed in a lofty style, often to the point of being pompous or bombastic.

How do you say hurry up in English?

Other Ways to Say Hurry Up in English

  1. Let’s get a move on.
  2. Pick up the pace.
  3. Chop chop.
  4. We haven’t got all day.
  5. Shake a leg.
  6. Step on it.
  7. Let’s speed this up.
  8. There’s no time to wait.

What is the synonym of grandiloquent?

pompous, bombastic, magniloquent, pretentious, ostentatious, high-flown, high-sounding, rhetorical, orotund, fustian, florid, flowery. laboured, strained, overwrought, overblown, overripe, overdone.