What state is Shelbyville in The Simpsons?

What state is Shelbyville in The Simpsons?

Kentucky also has a Shelbyville. It’s part of Shelby County “The American Saddlebred Capital of the World.” While our Shelbyville is located in Kentucky’s Derby Region, it’s less than 45 miles from Kentucky’s Springfield – close enough to be that rival town! And here’s where things get really weird.

Which episode was Springfield vs Shelbyville?

In the episode, the children of Springfield try to retrieve their beloved lemon tree after it is stolen by the children of Shelbyville….Lemon of Troy.

“Lemon of Troy”
The Simpsons episode
Episode no. Season 6 Episode 24
Directed by Jim Reardon
Written by Brent Forrester

Who is Shelbyville named after?

Shelbyville, city, seat (1822) of Shelby county, central Indiana, U.S. It lies along the forks of the Big Blue and Little Blue rivers, 23 miles (37 km) southeast of Indianapolis. Laid out in 1822 as the county seat, it was named for Isaac Shelby, American Revolutionary War hero and the first governor of Kentucky.

What episode is Shelbyville?

Lemon of Troy
When a group of Shelbyville kids steal Springfield’s sacred lemon tree, Bart and his friends venture there to get the tree back. When a group of Shelbyville kids steal Springfield’s sacred lemon tree, Bart and his friends venture there to get the tree back.

Is Eugene Shelbyville in?

A former mill town, Springfield struggled with its “other side of the tracks” identity in the shadow of the more visibly cultured and economically advantaged Eugene (i.e. Shelbyville). Principal Skinner may have gotten his name from Eugene Skinner, the founding father of Eugene.

Where is Springfield from The Simpsons?

Springfield, Oregon
Matt Groening said in an interview that Springfield is based on Springfield, Oregon, a town next to Portland, Oregon, which is the city he grew up on.

What state were The Simpsons from?

Portland, Oregon
Simpsons creator Matt Groening was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He commented that the fictional Springfield is based on Springfield, Oregon, located south of Portland.

Why do Springfield and Shelbyville hate each other?

The rivalry is well-known even among outsiders; the town was manipulated by a slick-talking salesman, who convinces the residents of Springfield to spend a large sum of money on a monorail system they don’t need by musing that the idea might be better suited for Shelbyville.

How did Shelbyville TN get its name?

The town is a hub of the Tennessee Walking Horse industry and has been nicknamed “The Walking Horse Capital of the World”….

Shelbyville, Tennessee
Platted 1810
Incorporated 1819
Named for Isaac Shelby

What is Shelbyville TN famous for?

Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration
Shelbyville is located 50 miles southeast of Nashville in the hills of Tennessee. Rich in both cultural history and natural beauty, the town is known worldwide for the annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, a prestigious equestrian event dating back to 1939.

Why did Shelbyville think his cousins were so attractive?

Shelbyville considered his cousins “so attractive” he thought the whole point of their journey to found a new town was for that reason. They went their separate ways, and founded their own cities.

Where is Shelbyville located on a globe?

Shelbyville depicted as being north of Springfield on a globe. The city of Shelbyville was founded by Shelbyville Manhattan in 1796, who held the belief that people should be allowed to marry their cousins, a practice fellow explorer and founder of Springfield Jebediah Springfield disallowed.

Is Shelbyville the same town as Springfield?

Shelbyville (allegedly formerly known as Morganville) is a town next to, and somewhat similar to, Springfield. They are treated as twin cities, though there is an intense rivalry between the two, dating back to their founders.

Who is Shelbyville Manhattan?

Do you like this video? Shelbyville Manhattan was the founder of Shelbyville and former partner of Jebediah Springfield . Shelbyville Manhattan and Jebediah’s split occurred when Jebediah refused to found a town where cousin marriage was legal.