What size screws for climbing holds?

What size screws for climbing holds?

To nail climbing holds you will need T-nuts M10/12, Allen (Socket) srews size 10/40, 10/60 or 10/80 and wood screw 4,5×40. Wood screw prevents rotation of the hold. The size of Allen screw depends on the thickness of plywood and on size of climbing hold.

What size are climbing wall t-nuts?

3/8 inch
A pack of our premium climbing wall t-nuts suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 3/8 inch diameter, 4 prong, zinc plated. We recommend 2.25 t-nuts per square foot of climbing surface.

How do you place a ball nut?

In a typical placement, the ball nut should be placed so the ball starts about 25% of the way up the paddle. When it cinches up in a fall, the ball moves to around 50-70% up the paddle. If the ball starts at the very bottom of the paddle (so the ball nut is at its narrowest setting), it may be difficult to remove.

What kind of screws for screw on climbing holds?

Unless otherwise noted, screws no smaller than 5 mm x 50 mm should be used. All screws should be fully threaded wood screws which allow for a minimum of 10 mm thread protrusion through the rear of the plywood surface.

What torque for climbing holds?

Small climbing hold(1/2” of material behind the washer): Tighten 25-30 Nm or 18-22 lbs./feet. Medium climbing hold(3/4” of material behind the washer): Tighten 30–35 Nm or 22-26 lbs./feet. Large climbing hold(1” of material behind the washer): Tighten 30-40 Nm or 22-29 lbs./feet.

How do you stop climbing holds from spinning?

1. The torque should be big enough for the climbing hold not to rotate around its bolt. If the hold is large enough, even the tightest torque will not stop the climbing hold from spinning; therefore, Spinner Screws or Stopper Holds are used. Spinner Screws are screw locations molded into the climbing hold.

What screws for climbing wall?

Most commercially available climbing holds attach with 3/8″ socket head cap screws. There are 3 different styles of heads that are commonly used. Each different style works with a different shape of bolt hole in the hold. It is very important to use the correct style of bolt.