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What size BCD should I get?

What size BCD should I get?

BCD Size Chart
Size Weight (kg) Waist (cm)
M 64-79 83-101
L 77-95 91-112
XL 93-109 101-122

What size is a medium in BCD?

Scubapro Classic BCD Size Chart

Size Height Releasable Weight
XS 60″-65″ 20lbs.
SM 62″-67″ 20lbs.
Medium 67″-71″ 20lbs.
Large 70″-73″ 24lbs.

Are Mares BCD good?

The integrated weight system was rated very good by test divers, thanks to the big pinch-to-release buckles that make loading and ditching a cinch. For a travel-friendly design with impressive performance and a below-average price, the Mares Magellan was our Best Buy for travel BCs.

How do I select a BCD?

Tips for Choosing the Right BCD

  1. Buoyant lift. This is the amount of weight a BC will support when fully inflated.
  2. Features. Whether it’s integrated weights, cargo pockets or a cummerbund, having a clear idea of what features you want (or don’t) in your BC will quickly help you narrow down the field.
  3. Traveling.

What size am I in a wetsuit?

Size Guides

Measurement S XXL
Height 5′ 6” – 5′ 8” 6′ 1” – 6′ 4”
168 – 173cm 185 – 195cm
Weight 61 – 68kg 93 – 100kg

What are the types of BCD?

The scuba BCD (sometimes just called a scuba BC) is available in three basic styles: jacket, front-adjustable, and back-inflate. Determining which is the best BCD for you depends on where you’re going to use it, along with your diving style and skill level.