What size are my Oakley sunglasses?

What size are my Oakley sunglasses?

How Can I Determine The Size of my Oakleys? On the inside of the temple arm you will find the eye size — more commonly known as lens width. This number is followed by the Oakley icon and a second number, which is the bridge width. The third number (following the bridge width) is the temple length.

How wide are sunglasses in inches?

Measure in inches the distance between your left and right temples….Find your perfect sunglasses size in 2 easy steps:

Suggested Frame Size Face Size (temple to temple)
Small 49MM – 54MM 4.5″ – 5.1″
Regular 55MM – 57MM 5.25″ – 5.5″
Large 58MM – 63MM 5.75″ – 6.25″

What are the dimensions of Oakley lenses?

Height 45 mm. Width 55 mm. Oakley Frame and Lens Dimensions. A-Wire ( @SiRacer420) Width 54.39 mm. Height 32 mm. Antix ( @marc2040) 38 mm. Width 142 mm.

Are Oakley sunglasses good for big heads?

It is common for Oakley to introduce a model and then create a larger XL version of the same frame. These have a wider frame as well as larger lenses. All Oakley XL sunglasses cater to larger heads. Check out our list of the best Oakley Sunglasses for BIG Heads if you are specifically looking for large sunglasses.

What does 24-306 mean in Oakley sunglasses?

In the case of the Frogskins, there is a number in front of the eye size: 24-306. This is the part/SKU# that is unique to the specific frame and lens colorway. This number has nothing to do with frame size, but may help identify your sunglasses. What Does XL mean in Oakley Sunglasses? XL designates a frame in a larger size.

How do I know what size my Oakley are?

1. Small Oakley Sunglasses 2. Small-Medium Oakley Sunglasses 3. Medium Oakley Sunglasses 4. Medium-Large Oakley Sunglasses 5. Large Oakley Sunglasses 6. Extra Large Oakley Sunglasses How do I know what Size my Oakleys are? On the inside of the temple arm you will find the eyesize, commonly known as lens width.