What should be in an assisted living newsletter?

What should be in an assisted living newsletter?

What To Include in a Newsletter

  • Updates on activities at the center.
  • Special articles on retirement living, investments, finances, technology, health or wellness that appeal to the audience.
  • Local community updates.
  • Future events, such as upcoming workshops, classes and activities.

What do you put in a nursing home newsletter?

Photos of Residents and Staff: You should also include photos of new residents and new staff members as a way to introduce them to the community at large. Your residents like to know who just moved in and who is taking care of them. Your nursing home newsletter is the perfect way to do this.

How do I advertise my senior living?

10 marketing ideas and tips for retirement communities

  1. Provide formal training to the sales team.
  2. Use your current residents as brand ambassadors.
  3. Manage your online reputation.
  4. Be open and transparent about your community.
  5. Listen to potential residents’ needs.
  6. Create a new marketing brochure.
  7. Use Facebook ads.

How do you help a loved one transition to assisted living?

Here are some tips on how they can make the most of their initial days in assisted living:

  1. Get acquainted with neighbors.
  2. Familiarize yourself with community caregivers and staff.
  3. Spend time with loved ones.
  4. Get involved in community events and activities.
  5. Dine with other residents and members of staff.

How do you tell a parent they need assisted living?

Keep everything two-way, this is not a lecture but a conversation with family. Highlight all the amenities of an assisted living community when talking to your parents about assisted living. Show respect to your parent within the conversation and don’t ever talk down to them no matter their age or mental state.

How can Assisted living increase revenue?

Here are ten ways to grow revenue for your senior living facility.

  1. #1: Ensure Staff Documents All Services.
  2. #2: Add More Services That Residents Want.
  3. #3: Maintain Partnerships with Effective Referral Points.
  4. #4: Switch to a Paperless System.
  5. #5: Engage in Social Media and Online Marketing.

When elderly parents demand too much?

If your aging parent becomes more demanding, try to segregate and prioritize requests. As time goes on, you may assume more and more caregiving responsibilities. ยป MORE: Easy as 1-2-3, make an online will in minutes.