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What nationality is Casper?

What nationality is Casper?

German and Slavic: from the personal name Casper or Kaspar, which was especially popular in central Europe up to the 18th century. Originally from Persian kaehbaed, khazana-dar, or ganjvaer, all meaning ‘treasure bearer’, it was ascribed by popular tradition in Europe to one of the three Magi.

Where does the name Monclova come from?

Monclova (Spanish pronunciation: [moŋˈkloβa]), is a city and the seat of the surrounding municipality of the same name in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila….

Municipality Monclova
Founded 24 July 1577
Founded by Alonso de León
Named for Melchor Portocarrero, 3rd Count of Monclova

Where does the name Nishimura come from?

Nishimura Name Meaning Japanese: ‘western village’, a common place name and surname; the surname is found mostly in northeastern Japan and the island of Okinawa. Some bearers are of samurai descent.

Is Casper a Scandinavian name?

The name Casper is a boy’s name of Scandinavian, Persian origin meaning “bringer of treasure”.

What does Kasper mean?

bringer of treasure
Kasper Origin and Meaning The name Kasper is a boy’s name of Polish, Persian origin meaning “bringer of treasure”. Jasper and its many international variations, from Kasper to Casper to Gaspard, is finding new popularity.

Does Monclova Mexico have snow?

Throughout the year, in Monclova, there are 1.3 snowfall days, and 24mm (0.94″) of snow is accumulated.

How common is name Nishimura?

Nishimura (written: 西村) is the 46th most common Japanese surname.

Is Nishimura Riki Japanese?

Nishimura Riki (Japanese: 西村力 (にしむら りき), Hangul: 니시무라 리키), more well known by his stage name NI-KI (Hangul: 니키, Japanese: ニキ), is a member of the South Korean boy group ENHYPEN. He was born on December 9, 2005 and is the maknae of the group, as well as the only Japanese member.

Is Casper a Persian name?