What music video is Sebastian Vettel in?

What music video is Sebastian Vettel in?

The video for Fiona’s single Watch Me Work sees Sebastian Vettel playing a “modern-day James Dean” character. He drives around the city of New York with Fiona and her band. In the video, Vettel is at the wheel of a red Infiniti G37 convertible.

How do I contact Sebastian Vettel?


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Does Sebastian Vettel have twitter?

Sebastian Vettel #5 (@sebvettelnews) / Twitter.

Who is Britta F1?

As Sebastian Vettel’s PR manager, Britta Roeske is the link between the four-time world champion and the Formula 1 media. It’s a role she has held for over a decade, helping Sebastian since his days with Red Bull. Roeske started in Formula 1 with Renault before making the switch to Red Bull in 2005.

How old is George Russell?

24 years (February 15, 1998)George Russell / Age

Is Sebastian Vettel becoming the fading star of Formula One?

Vettel who himself was unceremoniously dumped by Ferrari prior to the start of the 2020 Formula 1 season, failed to impress during his final year with the Prancing Horse. Despite this, the German secured his F1 future with Lawrence Stroll’s Aston Martin Racing project, something Coulthard believes was unfair to Perez.

How long has Vettel been racing in Formula 1?

Vettel is the youngest World Champion in Formula 1. He also has the third most race victories (53) and podium finishes (122) and the fourth most pole positions (57). Vettel started his Formula One career as a test driver for BMW Sauber in 2006, making a one-off racing appearance in 2007.

Who won Formula 1?

Verstappen passed Lewis Hamilton on a final lap restart to win the 2021 world title at Abu Dhabi on Sunday. Verstappen had fresh tires for the final restart after he was 11 seconds back of Hamilton when Nicholas Latifi crashed with five laps to go.

When is the next Formula 1 race?

You have adrenaline all over the place from fleet race #1 to end with a meaningless 3 boat parade. F1 World Championships are defined by points too, no need to have 3 cars for people to understand the race and who will take the Cup. Nonsense having these final races, and hopefully Coutts will change this. On the rest, Sail GP is F1 on the Water.