What lipstick is similar to MAC Mehr?

What lipstick is similar to MAC Mehr?

15 MAC Lipstick Dupes

  • MAC Matte Lipstick – Mehr.
  • MAC Retro Matte Lipstick – RUBY WOO.
  • MAC Matte Lipstick – Velvet Teddy.
  • MAC Satin Lipstick Twig.
  • MAC Satin Lipstick – BRAVE.
  • MAC Amplified Lipstick – Brick-o-la.
  • MAC Matte Lipstick – Heroine.
  • MAC Vibe Tribe Lipstick – Hot Chocolate.

What color is Mehr MAC?

dirty blue pink
Mehr , according to MAC is a dirty blue pink matte finish lipstick . The shade is super close to Cosmo but the finish is different and it’s a tad bit pinker as compared to cosmo.

What is MACS most popular lipstick shade?

The top spot was unsurprisingly cinched by a shade popularized by the Kardashian Jenner clan, MAC Velvet Teddy. According to the e-tailer, this lipstick is not only the most popular MAC Lipstick shade, it’s also the world’s favorite beauty product overall.

What liner goes with MAC Mehr?

MAC Soar lip pencil
Also, I love pairing my lipsticks with a matching lipliner. MAC Mehr lipstick goes perfectly with the MAC Soar lip pencil.

Is MAC Mehr cool or warm?

MAC Mehr is a moderately warm-toned, medium mauve with a satin finish.

Is MAC Mehr cool toned?

The shade is cool-toned dirty pink nude and perfect for everyday wear. The shade will suit light and light to medium skin tones. Deeper and warmer skintones might find it a bit washing out so do swatch it before buying.

Are MAC matte lipsticks drying?

No- they feel really smooth and while they might not be moisturizing, they’re not drying at all. It helps to put some Chapstick or lip balm on before putting the lipstick on so it stays hydrated throughout the day!

What lip liner goes with Mehr?

Soar Lip Liner
Teamed with Soar Lip Liner, this pairing gives you a fresh subtle look.

What kind of Lipstick is Mac Mehr?

MAC Mehr Lipstick. MAC Mehr is a moderately warm-toned, medium mauve with a satin finish. It is a permanent lipstick that retails for $20.00 and contains 0.1 oz. Jump to a particular section if you know what information you’re looking for!

What is M A C lipstick?

Formulated to shade, define and showcase the lips, M·A·C Lipstick is available in every nuance of your favorite color and high-fashion texture. It’s the iconic product that made M·A·C famous. AMPLIFIED CREME (A): Ultra-creamy.

Is Mehr lipstick a must buy for neutral pink lovers?

My final word: Mac Mehr lipstick is a must buy for those neutral pink lovers but still I feel it is not an unusual shade and you can easily find some dupes of it at an affordable price but still a MAC is MAC! Its a dirty cool pink which would wash out dusky skin tones. Both Mehr and Cosmo are quite similar when it comes to the shade.

Should I buy Cosmo or Mehr lipstick?

Both Mehr and Cosmo are quite similar when it comes to the shade. So if you like creamy lipsticks then go for Cosmo and Mehr for matte texture. 186 thoughts on “MAC Mehr Lipstick Swatches and Review”