What level is Graceville Correctional Facility?

What level is Graceville Correctional Facility?

Level four
Graceville Correctional Facility is a Level four (close/medium) facility, as determined by the Florida Department of Corrections, and houses inmates with custody levels of Close, Medium, Minimum, and Community Custody.

Who owns Graceville Correctional Facility?

Historical Information: This facility was established in 2007 to house adult male inmates. It is operated by Management & Training Corporation under contract with the Department of Management Services.

What is the highest level of inmate?

Administrative The administrative level includes the Administrative Maximum Security Penitentiary (ADX), which is the nation’s only “supermax” prison. ADX provides extreme security for the country’s most dangerous offenders, where prisoners spend most of their time in their cells and are under 24-hour supervision.

How do I look up an inmate in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Inmate Search

  1. Department Name. Wisconsin Department of Corrections.
  4. 3099 East Washington Ave. Madison, WI 53704.
  5. 608-240-5000.

What county is Graceville Correctional Facility in?

Jackson County, Florida
The Graceville Correctional Facility is a private state prison for men located in Graceville, Jackson County, Florida, which has been operated since 2007 by the GEO Group under contract with the Florida Department of Corrections.

What kind of prison is Graceville Correctional Facility?

Graceville Correctional Facility is a prison in the Florida state prison system. This site tells you information about everything related to Graceville Correctional Facility such as the following: How to locate an inmate. Visiting an inmate here. The prison’s address and phone number.

How do I get visitation at Graceville Correctional Facility in Florida?

Every correctional facility in Florida has its own procedures for prisoner visitation and they are changed often. The information listed below might be changed now, so make sure to also go to Graceville Correctional Facility’s official website to get the most recent visitation rules. Visitation Sign-In and Check-In

How do I deposit money into a Graceville Correctional Facility-CCA account?

Offenders at Graceville Correctional Facility – CCA are not allowed to possess physical money, but funds can be deposited into the offender’s account either by depositing in person at the facility or sending a check or money order. The inmate’s name and DIN should be included.

What is the dress code at Graceville Correctional Facility-CCA?

Visitors at Graceville Correctional Facility – CCA cannot be barefoot and should refrain from wearing sheer or see-through garments, plunging necklines, bathing suits, shorts/skirts shorter than thigh length, and attire that depicts obscenities or profane language.