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What knife do you use for Brie?

What knife do you use for Brie?

The Slim Blade Knife Its ultra-fine blade is best suited for soft or semi-soft, sticky cheeses, such as Brie or Halloumi, because it provides scarce surface-area for the cheeses to stick to.

What knife do you slice cheese with?

What knife is best for cutting cheese? If you don’t have any cheese knives on hand, we’d recommend using a small paring knife for cutting firm-to-hard cheeses and a thin kitchen knife or butter knife for soft cheeses. While these won’t take the place of a purpose-built cheese knife, they’ll work in a pinch.

How do you cut soft cheese?

Use a thin-bladed soft cheese knife or cheese wire for this delicate job. They’ll keep the cheese from sticking to the knife blade and getting crumbly and misshapen. If you don’t have one of these specialized knives handy, here’s a trick: you can use unflavored, unwaxed dental floss to cut very soft cheeses like this.

What are the prongs on a cheese knife for?

The pronged cheese knife, or forked-tipped spear, is a multipurpose tool that allows you to cut a piece of cheese and then pick it up with the prongs at the end for serving or plating. The narrow blade offers a minimal surface area so soft cheeses don’t stick.

How do you cut brie cheese?

To cut a portion from a wedge of Brie, always cut along the length of the wedge. Do not cut a communal wedge of brie widthwise. Taking the point for yourself, or “pointing the brie,” is considered a social faux pas. Do not remove the rind from a communal wedge or wheel of brie.

What is a pate knife?

Pate Knife – $39.95. What a lovely way to serve guests pate and other gourmet spreads! We create our little knife out of high quality stainless steel, cutting and welding the parts together and completing the handle with our signature hammered leaf. It is then buffed to a bright polished finish.

How do you cut Brie cheese?

How do you cut a brie for a charcuterie?

How to Cut Brie Cheese for a Cheeseboard

  1. Let the brie cheese reach room temperature.
  2. Place your brie on a cutting board.
  3. Gather your tools.
  4. Trim the rind.
  5. Cut the wheel in half.
  6. Slice the cut half into small wedges.
  7. Place the brie on your cheese platter.
  8. Mix in other cheeses.

How do you cut Gouda cheese for a charcuterie board?

For a wedge of semi-soft cheese, like gouda, first trim off the wax rind. Cut the wedge in half. Then slice each half into long, thin, triangle-like wedges. Depending on how large the wedge is, you may want to cut each slice in half vertically.

What kind of cheese should I put on a charcuterie board?

Here are the best cheeses for your charcuterie board Hard cheese: chunks of parmesan, aged gouda, asiago. Firm cheese: gruyere, comte, manchego, colby, cheddar. Semi-soft cheese: havarti, butterkäse, muenster. Soft cheese: burrata, mascarpone, stracchino.