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What kind of suspension does the Focus ST have?

What kind of suspension does the Focus ST have?

The main highlight is that it comes from the factory with Ford Performance-tuned two-way adjustable coilover suspension allowing the user to adjust the right height without relying on the aftermarket.

Does the Focus ST have independent suspension?

The demonstrator I tested featured fully-independent rear suspension and continuously controlled adaptive damping. Lower-specced models get a twist-beam rear suspension, set-up which my colleague assures me still handles and rides reasonably well.

Does the Focus ST handle well?

COMFORT AND ISOLATION. It may not be quite as well rounded and polished as a Golf GTI, but the Focus ST still strikes a commendable balance between exciting handling and respectable everyday usability – even if that balance does err slightly towards the former.

Is Focus ST a reliable car?

We suspect Focus ST owners may rate the driving components better than buyers of the standard Focus but it still scored low marks for reliability, exterior design, safety features and value.

Does Focus ST have drift mode?

This not only aids straight-line acceleration (expect a 0-to-60 time of around 4.7 seconds and zero torque steer), but it can also send much of its power rearward in a special “Drift mode” that effectively turns this hot hatch into a rear-wheel-drive hooligan.

What is Control Blade suspension?

Basically, the control blade design is a form of a multilink suspension. While the extra link would make one think that the suspension is bound in place, though either the bushing or the thin control blade, flexing occurs under load, allowing the rear wheel to toe in.

Will Ford ever bring back the Focus ST?

Europe’s popular Ford Focus receives a major update for 2022. After the Ford Fiesta family was refreshed for the 2022 model year, it was only a matter of time before the same updates were applied to the current-generation Ford Focus.