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What kind of essayist was Lamb?

What kind of essayist was Lamb?

Charles Lamb (10 February 1775 – 27 December 1834) was an English essayist, poet, and antiquarian, best known for his Essays of Elia and for the children’s book Tales from Shakespeare, co-authored with his sister, Mary Lamb (1764–1847).

Which is a romantic novel written by Charles Lamb?

Charles Lamb in his Essays of Elia, uses the pseudonym of Elia. Dream Children: A Reverie, is an essay from this collection which was published in the form of a book, this was later followed by the second volume titled Last Essays of Elia. Lamb’s writing style by nature is very romantic.

Who is James Elia in Charles Lamb?

The personal and conversational tone of the essays has charmed many readers; the essays “established Lamb in the title he now holds, that of the most delightful of English essayists.” Lamb himself is the Elia of the collection, and his sister Mary is “Cousin Bridget.” Charles first used the pseudonym Elia for an essay …

Who was the contemporary writer of Charles Lamb?

—died Dec. 27, 1834, Edmonton, Middlesex), English essayist and critic, best known for his Essays of Elia (1823–33). Lamb went to school at Christ’s Hospital, where he studied until 1789. He was a near contemporary there of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and of Leigh Hunt.

Why Lamb is called the Prince of essayist?

He is called the prince among English essayists. His essays are the finest in English prose. He brought to prose the finest qualities of Romanticism. Lamb’s readers appreciate him for his wisdom, for his humanity, for his genial humour, for his profound pathos, for his sweet temperament and for his style.

What century does Charles Lamb belong to?

Essayist, critic, poet, and playwright Charles Lamb achieved lasting fame as a writer during the years 1820-1825, when he captivated the discerning English reading public with his personal essays in the London Magazine, collected as Essays of Elia (1823) and The Last Essays of Elia (1833).

Is Charles Lamb A romantic essayist?

As an essayist whose works were being produced during the period of British Romanticism, Charles Lamb’s works differed in form from the works of other Romantic writers of that time who often chose poetry as their mode of expression, but in subject and artistic ability, his body of work was similar to his many well- …

Is Lamb A romantic essayist?

As a romantic essayist, Lamb mystifies his readers. So, it is not safe to take all his statements as literal facts. In his essays dates are altered and the order of incidents are reversed. The pseudonym “Elia” is a fine example of his mystification.

What does Charles Lamb say about Mrs field?

Lamb tells that Ms. Field was religious and a very good lady and was respected by everyone. She took care of the house very carefully.

Why is the story subtitle a reverie?

Why is the essay entitled “A Reverie”? Ans: The essay is subtitled as a ‘reverie’ because Lamb never married and so he never had children. In the essay he created an imaginary picture of a happy conjugal life—a picture which finally dissolves into nothing as he comes back to reality.

Who wrote Charles Lamb biography?

Edward V. Lucas
An excellent biography of Lamb is Edward V. Lucas, The Life of Charles Lamb (2 vols., 1905; 5th ed. rev. 1921).

Who called Lamb prince of English essayists?

The English author, critic, and minor poet Charles Lamb (1775-1834) is best known for the essays he wrote under the name Elia….Who called Charles Lamb as the prince of English essayists?

Charles Lamb
Portrait by Henry Hoppner Meyer
Born 10 February 1775 Inner Temple, London, England
Died 27 December 1834 (aged 59) Edmonton, London, England
Other names Elia