What kind of car is the 2013 Corvette?

What kind of car is the 2013 Corvette?

The 2013 C6 Corvette Marks 60 Years of American Sportscar Leadership The arrival of the 2013 Chevrolet Corvette was greeted with a lot of grandeur by Corvette owners and enthusiasts the world over. In part, the 2013 Corvette was celebrated for marking the sixtieth anniversary of the beloved sports car.

What Corvette has stripes on the top?

The 2013 Corvette 427 with RPO Z30, which included Pearl Silver Blue racing stripes and a convertible top with top stripes stitched into it.

What trim levels does the Z06 Corvette come in?

While this package could be added to any variant of the Corvette, it was limited to the following trim levels: on the coupe, convertible and Grand Sport models, the car had to be equipped with trim level 4LT. On the Z06 Corvettes, it was limited to cars equipped with the 3LZ trim package.

How many Z25 corvettes were sold in 2013?

Despite this, Chevrolet sold 2,059 Corvettes equipped with the Z25 package, which accounted for one-sixth of the total Corvettes sold that year! The 2013 427 Convertible Collectors Edition was designed to pay homage to all Corvettes that came before it.

What happened to the 2013 Corvette C6?

While the 2013 model year marked the end of the C6, it is interesting to note that the 2013 model year also offered five distinct models to consumers, the most models available in a single year in the history of the Corvette program.

How many ZR1 corvettes were made?

Of these, 2,820 were base coupes, 5,056 were Grand Sport coupes, 621 base convertibles, 2,268 Grand Sport convertibles, 478 Z06’s and just 404 ZR1 Corvettes. The 2013 model year marked the final year for the sixth-generation Corvette.

What year was the last year for the corvette?

Additionally, the 2013 Corvette marked the end of one era, and the imminent arrival of a successor – one which would be unveiled early in the 2013 model year as the 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray during the annual “Corvette Bash” at the National Corvette Museum .

The surprisingly livable 2013 Chevrolet Corvette marks a fitting end to GM’s sixth-generation icon: Enjoy the attention, grab a gear and let ‘er rip — all shortcomings are forgiven.

What are the different trim levels of a 2013 Corvette?

Trim levels & features. The 2013 Chevrolet Corvette is available in hatchback coupe and convertible roadster body styles. The base Corvette and Grand Sport (GS) are available in both body styles, and each is broken into 1LT, 2LT, 3LT and 4LT sub-trims. The higher-performance Z06 and ZR1 come as coupes only, while the 427 is convertible only.

What is the difference between the Corvette ZR1 and 427?

Like the Z06, ZR1 and Grand Sport edition of the base Corvette, the 427 has wider fenders than the regular model — to accommodate a 3.3-inch wider track — making the car 3 inches wider than Chevy’s full-size Impala sedan. It also makes for trickier parking than you’d think and allows pavement divots to make city driving an adventure.

What’s the 2013 Chevy Corvettes repair cost?

CARFAX estimates that the 2013 Chevrolet Corvette has a 15% chance of needing a repair at an average cost of $1,030 over the next 12 months. That’s below the 31% average for all 2013 Prestige Sports Cars.

What kind of Ride Control does a 2013 Chevy Corvette have?

All 2013 Chevrolet Corvettes are agile and easy to toss around because of their lightweight, trim proportions, and refined suspensions. They offer great handling, even on a racing circuit. The F55 Magnetic Selective Ride Control helps the driver to switch between Touring and Sport modes.

What is the lightest corvette?

Paired with its aluminum frame, the Z06’s available carbon-fiber elements and options make this the lightest of all Corvettes. The 2013 Corvette 427 convertible can be called a combination of the Z06 and ZR1 as it mixes various elements of both models.

Where can I buy a 2013 Corvette Grand Sport with Bluetooth?

Description: Used 2013 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport with Bluetooth, Heated seats, Navigation, Leather Seats, Upgraded Headlights. Ask for Tom or Mark in the HUGE Corvette showroom at BUDS Chevrolet in St. Marys, Ohio. Call toll free at 800-688- (BUDS) 2837. Here’s a great one…

Is the 2013 Corvette Z06 a Droptop roof?

GM addressed that for 2013 with the Corvette 427, which combines the Z06’s drivetrain with a droptop roof. Compare the variants here, or stack up the 2013 and 2012 Corvette here.

Do you know these 25 Corvette facts every enthusiast should know?

So in case you need to brush up, here are 25 Corvette facts every enthusiast should know: First Corvette with V-8 power: Although the very first production Corvette hit the streets in 1953, Chevy wouldn’t replace its inline six-cylinder engine until 1955.

What is the most powerful Corvette ever made?

First Corvette with more than 700 hp: Today’s 2019 Corvette ZR1 (no hyphen) is the first production Corvette with more than 700 hp. Its supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 is rated 755 hp at 6300 rpm and 715 lb-ft of torque at 4400 rpm, making it the most powerful Corvette of all time. It’s also the most expensive, with a base price of $119,995.

What is the 60th anniversary design package for 2013 corvettes?

All 2013 Corvettes, even those purchased without the 60th Anniversary Design Package, received special “60th Anniversary” badges on the front and rear fascias and on the “waterfall” panel on convertible models. On the interior of the car, the “60th” logos were also added to the instrument panel gauge cluster and on the sill plates.

What is the fastest convertible Corvette ever made?

Corvette Marks 60 Years of Performance with 427 Convertible. DETROIT – Chevrolet today unveiled the 2013 Corvette 427 Convertible Collector Edition – the fastest, most capable convertible in Corvette’s history – as well as a 60th Anniversary Package that will be available on all 2013 Corvette models.

How much does a 2013 Corvette 427 cost?

427 1SA (1 style) Style 2dr Conv 427 w/1SA Inventory price Starting at $75,925 MPG 18 combined MPG Engine 505.0-hp, 7.0-liter, 8 Cylinder Engine (Gasoline Fuel) Transmission M/T Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive Color 10 exterior Seating 2 Full specs View full specs View local 2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427 1SA inventory 427 1SB (1 style) Style

Who won the ALMS series in 2013?

In October, 2013, drivers Antonio Garcia and Jan Magnussen closed the ALMS series by winning the GT drivers’ championship at the Petit Le Mans.

When did the C6 Corvette come out?

The current-generation Corvette, the C6, debuted all the way back in January 2004. Eight-and-a-half years later, it still turns heads (canine and human). Our test car — white with black-painted racing stripes — drew stares from passers-by young and old.

What is the collector edition of a corvette?

This collector edition Corvette was made available to consumers with all the exterior colors offered in 2013, as well as with the 60 th Design Package and a Heritage Package. All 427 Convertibles came equipped with a manual transmission, 427 hood badging, ZR1-style rear spoiler, and carbon-fiber hood, fenders and floor panels.

Do all 2013 corvettes have 60th Anniversary badges?

All 2013 Corvettes received special Corvette badging on their front and rear fascias that included the “60th” logo. All 2013 Corvettes, even those purchased without the 60 th Anniversary Design Package, received special “60 th Anniversary” badges on the front and rear fascias and on the “waterfall” panel on convertible models.

What is the fastest Corvette ever made?

The Corvette ZR1, which is powered by the LS9 supercharged 6.2L engine. For its time, it was the fastest, most powerful production car ever offered by Chevrolet, with a recorded top speed of 205 miles-per-hour. All variants of the 2013 Corvette included dual projector-beam, high-intensity discharge headlights.

What are the features of a 2013 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport?

2013 Crystal Red / Black Leather / Black Top Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Convertible 3LT Premium Option Package, Automatic Transmission, Navigation System, NPP Dual-Mode Exhaust, CD Player,… Read More.

What kind of top does a 2013 Corvette Z16 have?

2013 Red/Black Leather/Black Top Chevrolet Corvette Z16 Grand Sport Convertible 2LT, Automatic, Navigation, Bose Radio System, NPP Dual Mode Exhaust, and the Grand Sport Chrome Wheels with Onl… Read More.