What kind of animal is Ratigan?

What kind of animal is Ratigan?

Trivia. In the Basil of Baker Street book series, Ratigan’s first name is revealed to be Padraic, and he is in fact, portrayed as a mouse (in contrast to his depiction in the movie). Ratigan can easily be identified as a rat since he has five-fingered hands, while all the other mice have four fingers.

What instrument does Ratigan play?

He controls water, and uses his weapon, the Sitar, as a musical instrument to make water fight for him in battle. He plays a major role in “Empire of Dreams”, where he reprises his film role but also has his bat minion, Fidget, tasked with tracking down Taran to liberate Wart’s true disposition.

Who plays the bat in The Great Mouse Detective?

Susanne Pollatschek as Olivia Flaversham, an eight-year-old Scottish mouse who seeks Basil’s help in finding her toymaker father. Candy Candido as Fidget, Ratigan’s bumbling bat right-hand henchman.

Does Disney have fidgets?

Light-up Disney Fidget Spinners are now popping up throughout Walt Disney World! The light-up spinners are available in black or white, with your choice of three different characters. The characters available are Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Stitch.

Who is Basil in the Great Mouse Detective?

Basil of Baker Street (or Basil for short) is the dauntless protagonist of Disney ‘s 1986 film, The Great Mouse Detective . Basil is a take-off of the classic Sherlock Holmes character, modelling his career after the famous detective’s.

What is the name of the bat in the Great Mouse Detective?

Fidget is a peg-legged bat and the secondary antagonist in Disney’s 1986 feature film The Great Mouse Detective. He is Professor Ratigan ‘s right-hand man for most of the film.

What happened to Basil of Baker Street in the Mouse Queen?

Olivia searches to find the famed Great Mouse Detective named Basil of Baker Street but gets lost. A surgeon named Dr. David Q. Dawson, who has just returned from a lengthy service of the Mouse Queen’s 66th Regiment in Afghanistan, meets Olivia and escorts her to Basil’s residence.

What kind of character is Basil?

Basil is a take-off of the classic Sherlock Holmes character, modelling his career after the famous detective’s. Basil is portrayed as a brilliant, plucky mouse who refuses to back down or end his pursuit against Prof. Ratigan, which makes him tenacious.