What is Ward J3 Addenbrookes?

What is Ward J3 Addenbrookes?

Ward J3 is located in the small corridor to the left. There is step free access, via lift, to Ward J3. Ward J3 is approximately 30m from the N Wards lifts. There is a/are manual, heavy, double door(s) between the N Wards lifts and the department/service.

What is Ward L4 Addenbrookes?

Ward L4 is/are located on level 4 of the Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre. Access to Ward L4 is via the Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre Main Entrance. Enter via the Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre Main Entrance. The main reception is located straight ahead. Turn right and proceed to the main lifts located on the right.

What is C5 ward at Addenbrookes?

Ward C5 is a 27 bedded, mixed sex ward for patients with general medical and kidney conditions, 6 beds are dedicated to dialysis beds.

What is c2 ward Addenbrookes?

We are the regional centre for children aged from birth to 16 years who have cancer (oncology) and blood disorders (haematology), caring for children receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We are also the medical ward for children aged 3 to 16 years from the Cambridge area.

How many wards are in Addenbrookes?

A newly built 20-bed ward has opened at Addenbrooke’s, as part of a large-scale development to increase the hospital’s capacity. Ward T2 is one of five wards being built in the coming year which will add an extra 116 beds to the Addenbrooke’s site.

What is Ward F6 at Addenbrookes hospital?

This is a/an Diabetes and Endocrine ward.

What is Ward F6 Addenbrookes?

Trauma and orthopaedics – F6. Trauma high dependency unit – J2.

What Ward is C8 Addenbrookes?

From main hospital reception: Turn left out of the lift/stairwell and on the left ward C8 is signposted above the double doors.

Where can young people with cancer be treated?

Young people 19-24 are currently treated on our adult oncology and adult haematology wards or day units, the care being delivered by skilled and knowledgeable professionals. In 2011 a dedicated 11 bedded young persons unit will be open and will be offered as a choice for our patients around the region.

Who is on the teenage&young adult specialist team?

The teenage & young adult specialist team which consists of a lead clinician, TCT nurse consultant, two TYA clinical nurse specialists, youth support co-ordinator, TYA service administrator. Last updated on 05 April 2011.

What are the visiting times on wards D9&C10?

Visiting times on wards D9 & C10 are open visiting, D6 have a rest period between 13.00 and 15.00. There is wireless internet on these wards and laptops available to borrow from the Oasis.

What is the role of young adults in the hospital?

They will also attend some outpatient appointments with the young person. There are also young adults who work with us as volunteers who will visit patients on the wards to provide social activities.