What is total RNA-Seq?

What is total RNA-Seq?

What is total RNA-seq? Total RNA-seq uses random priming (rather than poly (dT) priming that is used in mRNA-seq) to generate transcriptomic data from an RNA sample. SMARTer products for total RNA-seq use random hexamers for priming. This method allows researchers to identify both non-coding and coding RNAs in their samples.

What is smarter stranded total RNA-Seq kit?

SMARTer Stranded Total RNA-Seq Kit – Pico Input Mammalian shows high sensitivity and reproducibility over a 100-fold input range. Libraries were generated from mouse brain total RNA (100 pg–10 ng), with two technical replicates per input amount.

How do I deplete rRNA before cDNA synthesis?

For low-input (10–100 ng) mammalian samples we recommend depleting rRNA using the RiboGone – Mammalian kit prior to cDNA synthesis. The cDNA generated with this kit is compatible with downstream sequencing library preparation for either Illumina or Ion Torrent sequencing.