What is the TM for M4A1?

What is the TM for M4A1?

TM 9-1005-319-10 Operator’s Manual for Carbine, 5.56 MM, M4a1 : Department of Defense : 9781548394417.

What are the steps to clear an M4?

M4 Carbine: How to Clear an ‘Above the Bolt’ Cartridge Jam

  • Place the weapon on SAFE.
  • Unload the magazine.
  • Lock the charging handle in a forward position.
  • Place a tool, such as a multi-purpose tool or screwdriver, or even a finger, up against the front edge of the bolt. Then force the bolt rearward.

Which is better M4 carbine or M4A1?

There are several benefits to upgrading M4s to M4A1s. Compared to the M4 , the M4A1 has full auto capability, a consistent trigger pull, and a slightly heavier barrel. The heavier barrel is more durable and has greater capacity to maintain accuracy and zero while withstanding the heat produced by high volumes of fire.

Is the M4 carbine obsolete?

The program was officially terminated in 2018. Despite the failure of all attempts to replace it, the M4 is growing obsolete. Major advances in body armor technology have made armor lighter, stronger, and more suited for general issue.

What is the difference between an M4 and an M4 carbine?

A carbine is defined as a long arm firearm with a shorter barrel. The original M4 carbine only fires in semi automatic and three round bursts. The M4A1 is marketed by the military as an “improved” version of the original M4 and is modified to fire semi automatic and fully automatic instead of three round bursts.

Is M4A1 and M4 carbine the same?

The M4A1 carbine is a fully automatic variant of the basic M4 carbine intended for special operations use. The M4A1 was introduced in May 1991 and was in service in 1994. The M4A1 was the first M4 model with the removable carry handle.

What is the civilian equivalent to the M4 carbine?

The M4 Type Carbine is a copy of the Colt M4 carbine. The semi-automatic version is marketed to the U.S. civilian market in compliance with the National Firearms Act. A select fire variant can be ordered by military or law enforcement organizations with three-round burst or fully automatic capability.

What is the effective range for a M4 rifle?

500 meters
The M4 has a maximum effective range of 500 meters but that does not take into effect the ballistic shortfalls of the 5.56 mm round, Ehrhart said in his paper.

What is the technical manual that covers the M4?

U.S. Army M16A2 and M4 Carbine 5.56mm, Rifle Technical Manual: Departments of the Army and Air Force: 9781601700193: Books.