What is the theme tune to Law and Order UK?

What is the theme tune to Law and Order UK?

Series 1 was broadcast in 2009….

Law & Order: UK
Opening theme Law & Order London Theme
Ending theme Law & Order London Theme
Composer Andy Price
Country of origin United Kingdom

Why did they cancel Law and Order UK?

The actor and TV host told press including Digital Spy that it had become “tricky” to fit Law & Order: UK into his increasingly busy schedule. “You have to set aside so much time for drama,” he explained. “Law & Order was a 6-month shoot, so everything [else] has to be crammed into the rest of the year.”

What was the first episode of Law and Order UK called?

Cradle to Grave
Series 1 (2009)

No. in series No. in season Original Law & Order episode
1 1 “Cradle to Grave” (31 March 1992)
2 2 “Born Bad” (16 November 1993)
3 3 “Working Mom” (26 February 1997)
4 4 “American Dream” (9 November 1993)

Is there a series 9 of Law and Order UK?

Law & Order: UK: Cancelled; No Season Nine — For Now.

What happened to Alicia in Law and Order UK?

It is revealed in the season 7 premiere episode that Alesha has left her role as a Crown Prosecutor in London to become a Senior Crown Prosecutor in the Northwest.

Who narrates Law and Order UK?

Robert Glenister
Robert Glenister: Narrator, DS Jimmy Valentine.

What happened to Ben Daniels on Law and Order UK?

Since leaving Law & Order UK, Daniels has also appeared in House of Cards and The Exorcist. he will play Walter Sampson in the upcoming Netflix superhero series, Jupiter’s Legacy. Freema Agyeman starred as Steel’s partner and junior prosecutor in the first six series of Law & Order UK.