What is the synonym of cursing?

What is the synonym of cursing?

bane, expletive, obscenity, profanity, whammy, burden, calamity, disaster, evil, jinx, scourge, cuss, anathema, ban, blaspheming, blasphemy, commination, cursing, damning, denunciation.

What’s another word for cursing someone out?

What is another word for cuss out?

abuse insult
belittle blast
curse malign
rebuke reproach
savage scathe

What’s another word for bad words?

Synonyms of swearword

  • curse,
  • cuss,
  • cussword,
  • dirty word,
  • expletive,
  • four-letter word,
  • obscenity,
  • profanity,

What do you call a person that curses a lot?

Coprolalia is a medical term meaning “the obsessive, excessive, and/or involuntary use of obscene language, including scatological words.” This language can also include socially inappropriate and insulting utterances, even if they do not contain curse words (e.g., due to her coprolalia, she sometimes involuntarily …

What is another word for foul language?

What is another word for foul language?

oath expletive
blasphemy curse
profanity cuss
imprecation obscenity
swearing vulgarism

Is cussing a bad word?

Cuss is simply an American alteration of curse, and its meaning “to say bad words” was first recorded in 1815.

What is the difference between cursing and cussing?

Senior Member. The British word would be ‘swearing’. The American word would be ‘cursing’. The Southern US dialect version of ‘cursing’ is ‘cussing’.

What is the synonym of inappropriate?

Synonyms & Antonyms of inappropriate

  • amiss,
  • graceless,
  • improper,
  • inapposite,
  • inapt,
  • incongruous,
  • incorrect,
  • indecorous,