What is the structure of BeCl2 molecule in vapour and solid state?

What is the structure of BeCl2 molecule in vapour and solid state?

In the solid state, BeCl2 has polymeric chain structure. Be atom is tetrahedrally surrounded by four Cl atoms – two are bonded by covalent bonds while the other two by coordinate bonds. The polymeric structure of BeCl2 is due to its electron deficient nature.

What is the structure of BeCl2 in gaseous state and solid state?

In gaseous state beryllium chloride exists as dimer(Be2Cl4) which dissociates to the monomer at about 1200K temperature which is linear in structure.

What type of structure do BeCl2 has in solid phase?

polymer structure
In solid state, Beryllium chloride forms a polymer structure. Beryllium has two empty orbitals after it forms covalent bonds with chlorine atoms. Therefore, it forms two coordinate bonds with neighboring chlorine atoms to complete its octet.

Is BeCl2 polymeric structure in solid state?

BeCl2 is an electrophile and has polymeric structure in solid state.

What is the shape of BeCl2?

Two electron pairs belonging to a divalent central atom will be most widely separated when the bond angle is 180°, according to the VSEPR theory.

What is the structure of BeCl2 in liquid and gas phase?

In contrast, BeF2 is a 3-dimensional polymer, with a structure akin to that of quartz. In the gas phase, BeCl2 exists both as a linear monomer and a bridged dimer with two bridging chlorine atoms where the beryllium atom is 3-coordinate. The linear shape of the monomeric form is as predicted by VSEPR theory.

What is the hybrid state of BeCl2 in solid state?

In BeCl2 , the hybrid state is sp, as the valence electron of Beryllium is 2 and there are 2 chlorine atoms, so no lone pair present. Hence the hybrid state is sp.

Is BeCl2 solid linear?

BeCl2 is a linear molecule in the vapour state but it is polymeric in the solid state.

Is BeCl2 electron deficient in solid state?

Yes, BeCl2 is an electron deficient molecule because it has two empty orbital at the bonding level. In the solid state, each beryllium atom is bonded tetrahedrally to four chlorine atoms, so feeling, by coordinate bond two 2p- orbitals of beryllium which were vacant.

Is BeCl2 planar or non planar?

The shape of BeCl2 molecule is linear.

Why is BeCl2 linear?

BeCl2 contains 2 bonding pairs of electrons which arrange themselves as far away as possible to minimise the electron repulsion between them, giving a bond angle of 180 degrees and a linear shape.