What is the street name for promethazine with codeine?

What is the street name for promethazine with codeine?

What are the common street names for this medication? The combination is often known by names such as purple drank, lean, sizzurp, syrup, purp, and others.

When did Actavis stop making codeine promethazine?

Irish company Actavis are not keen on the association though and ceased production on it on April 24. “Given [recent media attention], Actavis has made the bold and unprecedented decision to cease all production and sales of its Promethazine Codeine product,” said a spokesperson.

What has codeine and promethazine?

Codeine and promethazine is a combination medicine used to treat cold or allergy symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, and cough. Codeine and promethazine contains an opioid (narcotic) cough medicine, and may be habit-forming.

Do they still make codeine and promethazine?

Promethazine/codeine is an inexpensive drug used as a cough suppressant, a decongestant, and an antihistamine. It helps to stop or reduce coughing and congestion. It is more popular than comparable drugs. Promethazine/codeine is only available as a generic drug; all brands have been discontinued.

Does legal lean have promethazine?

[2] Additionally, the product label for Legal Lean Syrup resembles the labeling for FDA-approved prescription drug Promethazine with Codeine Cough Syrup, which is a Scheduled V controlled substance containing active pharmaceutical ingredients promethazine hydrochloride and codeine phosphate.

What is promethazine-codeine purple?

Purple drank is the moniker given to the recreational drug that is created by mixing large doses of prescription cough syrup (most commonly promethazine-codeine products, which are classically a deep purple color) with a carbonated soft drink and hard candy. 1

Can you still get promethazine?

Who manufactures codeine promethazine?

Official Answer. PAR and Hi-Tech are pharmaceutical manufacturers. They both manufacture promethazine with codeine syrup so the only real significant difference is the taste and colour.

How do you drink Lean legally?

Traditionally (and illegally), you make lean by mixing cough syrup (promethazine and codeine) with any fizzy drink. Sometimes adding a sweet/candy to make the purplish liquid.