What is the scientific name of Hyalonema?

What is the scientific name of Hyalonema?


What is the classification of sycon?

Calcareous spongeSycon / ClassThe calcareous sponges of class Calcarea are members of the animal phylum Porifera, the cellular sponges. They are characterized by spicules made of calcium carbonate in the form of calcite or aragonite. While the spicules in most species have three points, in some species they have either two or four points. Wikipedia

What is the phylum of Euplectella?

SpongeEuplectella / PhylumSponges, the members of the phylum Porifera, are a basal animal clade as a sister of the Diploblasts. They are multicellular organisms that have bodies full of pores and channels allowing water to circulate through them, consisting of jelly-like mesohyl sandwiched between two thin layers of cells. Wikipedia

What is the class of Leucosolenia?

Calcareous spongeLeucosolenia / Class
Leucosolenia, also spelled Leucoselenia, genus of tubular branched sponges of the class Calcispongiae (phylum Porifera). Found in tide pools and on wharves and represented by numerous species, the widespread genus includes most of the asconoids, structurally the simplest sponges.

Why is Hyalonema called the glass rope sponge?

Hyalonema are a type of porifera having rough threads at the bottom with a long and twisted stem of a bundle of glass fibres which are used to anchor the sponge to the marshy sea bed on which it lives. It also has a long projection at the top. For such reasons it gives a glass rope like appearance, and hence the name.

Where is Hyalonema found?

It is a marine formation and located deep into the ocean. It is found deep within the sea. It’s a round or oval body with a spirally twisted root tuft.

What is classification Scypha?

Scypha, also called sycon, genus of marine sponges of the class Calcarea (calcareous sponges), characterized by a fingerlike body shape known as the syconoid type of structure.

What is scientific name of sycon?

SyconSycon / Scientific name

What is the other name of Euplectella?

The Venus’ flower basket (Euplectella aspergillum) is a glass sponge in the phylum Porifera….

Venus’ flower basket
Genus: Euplectella
Species: E. aspergillum
Binomial name
Euplectella aspergillum Owen, 1841

What are the characteristics of Euplectella?

Euplectella Structure and Characteristics

  • The body is cylindrical and basket-like, which is attached to the bottom of the sea by a tuft of fibres.
  • The skeleton is made up of triaxon spicules.
  • True Ostia are absent.
  • A well-connected canal system is present for water circulation.

What is scientific name of Leucosolenia?

LeucosoleniaLeucosolenia / Scientific name

What type of spicules does Leucosolenia have?

Spicules of Leucosolenia qingdaoensis sp. nov. (holotype) A1–3 = diactines; B1 = triactines of type 1; B2 = triactines of type 2; C1–2 = tetractines.