What is the salary in Executive Ship Management?

What is the salary in Executive Ship Management?

The average Executive Ship Management salary ranges from approximately ₹1.2 Lakhs per year for a Deck Cadet to ₹ 9.5 Lakhs per year for a Assistant Manager.

Is Executive Ship Management a good company?

A good and productive company which always seeks welfare of its employees. I have worked for one contract for Executive Ship Management as a 2nd Engineer. Have experienced a good working environment and a professional culture onboard.

What is ship management company?

A shipping management company will offer full supervision of the ship’s maintenance and repairs. They will maintain machinery to a working standard and continually perform checks as needed. One major reason for owners opting to use shipping management services is that crew is provided by the company.

What is the waiting period in Executive Ship Management?

Placements: The placement is available but waiting period for the ship is about more than 2 years that is the only problem, but after one or two years, everyone will get the ship in the executive ship management company.

Who is the owner of Executive Ship Management?

Mr. B S Teeka founded Executive Ship Management (ESM), a ship management company with a difference. “No compromise on quality and standards” – a promise the company continues to live and stands for all along , setting itself ahead of competitors irrespective of business environment since its inception in 1998.

What is the role of ship manager?

Shipping managers ensure that shipments arrive at their destinations on time and within budget. They coordinate incoming shipments, oversee and the packaging of outgoing shipments, and negotiate transportation costs with carriers. They also supervise shipping department employees.

What is the waiting period of fleet management?

Further, the waiting period is entirely determined by the demand and supply at the time. While on an average, it takes 4–6 months, others have had experiences where it had extended to a year! So yeah, there’s no hard-and-fast rule. (Except that, having references DOES help in the field.)

Is samundra Institute of Maritime Studies good?

Placements: SIMS or betterly Samundra was awarded as the best maritime training institute by DG SHIPPING India. Well known for its excellency in terms of maritime training and providing a world class trainong for trainee navigators.

How many ships does BSM shipping have?

Over 115 container vessels under management for 15 ship owners are currently managed by BSM across our regionally based Ship Management Centres, with carrying capacities up to 20,000 TEU.

What is Executive Ship Management?

Executive Shipping Services is a Chartering arm of the Company which is headquartered in Mumbai, India and a network of offices within India, USA (Houston) and Japan (Tokyo). Executive Ship Management provides a holistic services solution to the New Age Ship Owner to smoothen all operations related activities before, during and post sailing.

Why ESM ship management services?

As a trusted and dependable manager, ESM offers a holistic package of ship management services that includes a keen eye on the budget and cost optimization through intervention of technology for its Ship owners. ESM commits that the crew sailing the company managed ships is recruited and appropriately trained in-house.

How are ESM’s officers trained?

Over 80% of the ESM managed ship’s officers are from cadets trained in-house at SIMS and by 2018 the Company is envisioned to be uniquely positioned to run its entire managed fleet by officers trained since cadetship.

Does ESM recruit through any agency?

Please note that ESM recruits directly through its offices in Singapore and India. We caution all prospective candidates against any agency claiming to represent us. ESM is part of Executive Group, an ensemble of seven maritime service providers, headquartered in Singapore with representative offices around the world.